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  1. I used to live in seattle but now reside in SoCal. I'll be back near the end of July for the sister's wedding and I want to go get on something easy with my 55 y.o. dad. He's pretty fit but no climbing experience. I was thinking about the tooth, and other ideas? How hard can a 50 yo guy climb if you stick him in some rock shoes and put him on toprope?
  2. Actually, I kind of like the idea of scaring the crap out of him... lol. Anyway, this is kind of a one shot deal, cause of time limitations and the fact that I live 1300 miles away. I'm not trying to turn him into a climber, just trying to go climbing. He's done a fair amount of alpine hiking and stuff, even some 3rd class scrambles, so I think he'll be able to keep his head together. SEWS sounds good... I've actually done that route before, and the ambiance can't be beat. My only complaint is that I'm planning to do the east buttress a few days later and descend the South Arete, and I don't really want to drive back and forth to washington pass twice. Anyone done vesper peak up by dtown? looks pretty nice to me. thanks for the input, I appreciate it, and so does keith.
  3. Hey, I'm moving to san diego soon, and I'm wondering if there's some message board or other source of info similar to CC.com. thanks ps what's up ralph
  4. It's gonna be sunny and I really want to do giants tears, or dreamer depending on how hard we want to pull. I was all set to go but something fell off of a pallete and stabbed my partner's foot. I've got rack and rope and car and skills and fun, safe attitude... all I need now is a partner. -jesse
  5. well, i ended up just hanging out at 38. not an amazing day of climbing, but it was really nice out and I played with the rope swing under the bridge by the fire training academy.
  6. hey if total soul or Silent running are such classics and moer temperature appropriate for tomorrow, lets go climb 'em
  7. psh... i need to get a tan... unless you've got a better suggestion? and a partner for me...
  8. Lots o' shit for sale

    ok, what hasn't been sold?
  9. Mt Stuart

  10. if the weather's good/ok (looks like it might be), want to go pull down on some slimey seattle area rock? i'll drive, got gear .10+/.11- -jesse
  11. 38 on friday

    yeah, i know it's cold but it's sunny too. let's go pull down on some slimey rocks. 10+/11- jesse
  12. ahh, stoners and heat guns... you're takin me back, 111.
  13. Another rappel faiure

    rap failure scares the shit out of me. Scares me like nothing else. I've rapped many times and experienced failure zero times, but I can imagine the feeling of panic as the line you're hanging from goes slack and the rock unstoppably accelerates in front of you.
  14. who currently owns/manages the area?
  15. Somehow I ended up at the lake below rattlesnake ledge today... there were trails that aparantly went up there... the rock quality didnt look too bad to me, and the blocky area on the lower right looked very promising as a sport area. Does anyone have any further info on this interesting area?
  16. Climbers Guide to Fossil Rock

    no, backpackers supply does not keep 'em well in stock. They had one store copy, and that was it.
  17. Bad First Dates

    Ok, I've just got a manners question for you... Or for anyone, really. Say you go to a fairly nice restaurant for a fairly nice dinner. You're sitting there, waiting for your table to be ready. The hostess comes and gets you, you follow her to your seats... she directs you to a table... I just don't see how to smoothly do the chair thing. I'm 23, and only now finally starting to be able to succesfully get dates and execute them... but the whole chair scenario still gets me. What about the car door thing? I unlock the car from 30 feet away with my key chain... should I still walk over and open her door, wait for her to get in, close her door? Do I close the door before or after she buckles her seatbelt? The whole thing seems so contrived, like I'm trying too hard... P.S. marie you're a tough customer. I agree that by the end some of this dude's actions were ridiculous, but showing up 10 minutes late and then not pulling out your chair is maybe rude, and ordering for you is maybe kind of weird... but when he ordered for you, why didnt you chime in and say "but I want the pasta"?
  18. july 10 cragging

    seattle area... need to be back in town 4:30ish lets go clip bolts... and yes I know I'm not getting much stronger... we're not all as dedicated as you are... so we're talking 11- lets go
  19. Free Soloing

    dumb thread, IMO. If you're out there freesoloing because you think it's hot, you're probably going to get killed. The only reasons to freesolo are personal and polls like this one are irrelevant.
  20. newclimber *DELETED*

    hey... did my brilliant comments get deleted??? noooOOOOo oh well, probably better to not have that blight on my record..
  21. Protecting yourself on CC.com

    I used to post on Overgrow.com, a website dedicated to MJ cultivation. We were all pretty sketchy, but the site had some good security protocols and was based in canada, which is why it didn't get raided or shut down. Anyway, we used to call federal law enforcement officers LEO, and talk about them as if it was their name. It was funny to see the newbies making posts like "who the hell is LEO?" we all had a good laugh
  22. Terminal Gravity's Beer

    OK, I have to know.. who is this famed brewer? I do like a good IPA...
  23. Leavenworth

    yeah me too, i'm definately out climbing right now. I just made this post from my bivy on top of everest. I built a killer snow cave, and the elevation is making this whisky wayy stronger and I'm efffed up. WoooOOoooo!!! I'd go with ya, but it's index for me on sunday, and work the other days.
  24. Terminal Gravity's Beer

    what is the deal with TG? I hear about it all the time on this board... so... why?
  25. it's saturday, 2:30 PM, and I know it's an odd time to be arranging a climbing trip, but who cares? lets go pull down I've got car, rope, rack lets go