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  1. hi all, i am after some info please, i am planning to come to the states june/july 2010 and climb the devils tower grand teton and your very own mt rainier , am i in the right neck of the woods to get some answers? 1st q. should i go coast and head in land or the other way round? are there cultural restrictions, i hear DT has some, is my timing right for the standard route on rainier, not sure which route to take on GT, would love to do the north face, depending on partners may head up south face, any advice would be great. i am a little restricted on my time frame, approx 4 weeks within the said 2 months. thanks greg
  2. cheers still plenty of time!
  3. Millionaire climbing partner

    i owe the bank a million? does that me a million dollar man but because of that i carn't leave my native nz
  4. rainier april?

    looking for partner/s or team to hook into on rainier around the first 3 weeks of april any route considered
  5. rainier april?

    cheers for the replies time ran out on me heading back to n.z mid week ,also cut the end off my thumb so may of got nastie up there thanks anyhow greg
  6. trad gear

    i am looking at buying lead gear and was woundering if anyone knows about acme gear it seems to be half the price of the mainsteam gear, just would like to know if people think its up to the same standard????
  7. rainier april?

    i am living in seattle now but are heading to northern cali. in 2 weeks no i haven't been up there in april, is it nasty??