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  1. My worst interveiw (or maybe best) lasted all of 5 minutes. I was scheduled to interview with 4 people, about an hour each. The first was supposed to be the HR manager, but she couldn't make it. So my first interview was with an engineer. The guy looked at me and explaied what his company did. After a few minutes looking at my resume he said "I don't think you want to work here?". I said judging by his explanation of what they did, no wouldn't be taking a job. So he said "OK, lets not waste each others time. Goodbye."
  2. Loose_Brie


    From the summit she began to glissade So long that her pants became frayed The motion caused friction Which caused an affliction Her butt was completely sauteed
  3. Whaaaaaaa, Whaaaaaa. Mommy make the bad liberals stop.
  4. Historically speaking its the LAWYER that gives us these freedoms. Huh? Don't you mean legislator? The soldier above is just as symbolically valid as the legislator. These days its the legislators that take them away (e.g. PATRIOT act) and the lawyers who restore them (e.g. ACLU)
  5. Historically speaking its the LAWYER that gives us these freedoms.
  6. I have a pair od Charlet Moser Quarks, nearly brand new. I'd be willing to part with them for $175.
  7. IG, Sorry to hear about the fire. Glad you are OK, and the doggies too.
  8. Hopefully, in 20 years replacing "Soviet Union's" with "United States'" won't make sense. Though it remains to be seen.
  9. Yeah, but with the diminished gravity we could all be pulling V18 or M14.
  10. Jon, I am curious why you think this? Really. I've never understood this. Should presidents have a background in economics? Law? Foregin affairs? Why is millitary service so important? I am not saying it shouldn't be taken into account, but why a pre-requisite?
  11. Watch out on the Nike watches. Some require you to send them in to get the battery replaced. LAME!!!!
  12. Interesting. I cut the wires off mine and replaed them w/ 5.5mm spectra cord.
  13. It seems quite clear how things are going over there. Everyone is shooting and blowing each other up. Pretty simple really. Its been that way for quite some time. Why the hell should we want to send out troops over there and spend our treasure to stand between a few dozen clans of homicidal maniacs?
  14. Personally I prefer The Zeplin of Death!
  15. about 90 minutes ago I saw a black hawk helicopter land at harborview. If one guy is walking out there is at least hope for the other.
  16. 1) open it in MS paint 2) choose the "image" menu and select "strech/skew" 3) select a reduction I'd try 33% hoeizontal 33% vertical 4) select "file" menu then save as 5) choose a GIF file.
  17. What about the other side of your hypothetical ending? If the shooter had NOT carried a gun, he may have serious injuries from the dogs that were charging him; one of which, as noted in the article, had a HISTORY of aggressive, dangerous behavior. My carrying a gun whilst hiking does not endanger you in the least; unless you attempt to threaten my life or that of my hiking partners. From my side of it, my carrying a gun in close proximity to you provides YOU with an added measure of security, as I would come to your aid if you were in danger. However, if you don't want such help that's fine; I'll leave you to your fate. Justin, my point about money flowing into the coffers of anti-gun organizations was that these "chicken little" scenarios like the ones you brought up and the hyped "facts" are what AGS, Brady Campaign, et al. use to justify their efforts and appeal to donors. Without exploiting fear, they have no power to incite their patrons. Greg_W Greg, You are right. There is a chance the shooter would have been injured. I do not mean to minimize that. We have ways of dealing with that. The dogs would have been put down. The owner likely arested and at a minimum a civil suit would have been filed. Does this make up for serious injury to the shooter? I do not know and it is not for me to say. I for one know if given the choice of potentially being mauled or taking 3 rounds to the chest, I'd take the mauling. As to your carrying a gun adding to my security? I believe you when you say you would come to my aid. I think that is the mark of a good person. However, I feel being in the proximity of you and your gun, no matter how well trained and level headed you are, reduces my security. And yes the anti-gun lobby do use scare tactics. However this is totally valid. Guns do scare people. They should.
  18. Why do I think you are wrong to carry a gun in the wilderness? One thing we can say for certain from the original story. If the shooter had not brought a gun. The victim would not be dead. Its really that simple. Its not just a matter of personal freedom and choice. You bringing a gun to go hiking endangers me.
  19. The Bushies first PR about invading, er, liberating Seria?
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