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  1. It been a long time since I've been climbing so I figure its better to move some of this onto a better home. Omega Pacific Link Cams, 2 #2's (yellow) 1 #.75 (green). The .75 is virtually new, having sat on my rack for a year. It has never been placed- new w/o tags essentially. One of the #2's was placed less than 10 times, and never had a fall of any kind. The other one was placed even fewer times. $75 each BD Express 10cm. Very good condition. I bought it used from someone here thinking I would go ice climbing. I haven't. It shows very little wear, and the teeth are still sharp. $20 Petzl M10 crampons. Got these new on the Sarkin recall. Used once, drytooling at rocky butte. They have a few scratches but are otherwise new. Comes with both sets of front points and the tools to change them. $225 new, $150 takes em. Edelweiss Onsight Rope. This is freaking nice, but I don't know how people feel buying used ropes. 9.9, 70m, Bipattern, Everdry treated. Used top roping on one trip to Smith, and always kept in the Metolious Rope ranger rope bag. Bag included. This is $260 new, and the bag is $45. How about $160. Prices negotiable. I'm in PDX- shipping or pick up can be figured out. I have pics if you want them. Everything is exactly as described.
  2. Holy dead thread batman! This is 16 months old! You are 15.5 months too late. Everything is gone.
  3. All prices are OBO- I'd really like to get rid of this stuff. See link at the bottom for pictures. Old style BD Cobra's w/ android leashes. One hammer, one adze. These are in perfect functional shape. The logos on the inside of the axe are rubbed up from doing pull-ups from rafters, not from scrapes on ice or rock. There is a slight cut to one of the grips that I did a great glue job on. These have seen very little real use. Never dry tooled. $300. Petzl M10 Crampons. These have ONE rocky butte dry tool route on them. They are in perfect shape, with just a few scrapes on the front points. All parts included- for both mono and dual points. $175. Omega Pacific Yellow Link Cam- never taken a fall, placed only 2 or 3 times. Nearly new, as you can see from the lobes in the picture. $60 Tubbs Sierra 30 Snowshoes. These were given to me by a friend who used them ONCE. Otherwise they sat in his garage. They are in perfect functional condition, and have just a few marks on the frame from rubbing against each other in storage. I've never used them and never will. $60 Leki Anti-shock treking poles of unknown vintage. They are in new condition- I got them with the snowshoes. They have larger baskets for snow. They extend and hold perfectly- zero issues. $30 http://picasaweb.google.com/Troy.Sexton/ClimbingGearForSale?feat=directlink I'm in Portland
  4. Bump- Still have the Crampons, Trecking Poles and Snowshoes.
  5. Haha- Thanks Bill- it's actually the wedding bills. Got married at the end of August.
  6. WTB: Your BD Cobras (New version, carbon fiber)

    I've got a pair of the old style that I'm looking to sell w/ the good leashes. Asking $275 for the two of them. I can send pictures if you are interested.
  7. #2 Yellow Link Cam

    I've got a nearly new omega pacific link cam for sale. Placed less than 5 times and never fallen on, not even top roped on. I bought it just as I started to slow down climbing. New they are about $108 at REI. Looking for $70 OBO. Thanks Troy
  8. UPDATE: Still have the M10's and 1 #2 Link Cam. I also have a pair of old style BD Cobras w/ Android leashes available. Everything else sold.
  9. Rope and Green Link Cam sold.
  10. Nice guys. I passed you on 26 on sunday and noticed the packs. I thought you were nuts!
  11. Alpiners Anonymous: PDX dry tool night

    I might be able to make it around 5:30- which in Troy time means closer to 6.
  12. Alpiners Anonymous: PDX dry tool night

    I'll be there tonight if my cold treats me alright today. Troy
  13. Alpiners Anonymous: PDX dry tool night

    Yo Bill, I might be down for thursday afternoon at da Butte. I'm going Snowboarding, but T-Line is closing at 3, so I should be down the hill in time. Troy
  14. PDX / Wed - 3/5

    Joseph, I have tomorrow off. I was planning of going snowboarding unless, of course, you can convince me otherwise. Troy
  15. Alpiners Anonymous: PDX dry tool night

    I'm down. I'm going to go take care of some things but give me a call if your still interested. It's a pretty damn nice day out there. Troy 503-679-9842
  16. So what do people think? It's been pretty cold for the past few nights on the west side, and all the weather people are saying that this is the coldest air mass of the season. I haven't driven out there but maybe by Thursday a few lines in the shade would come in if it stays cold? Thoughts?
  17. PDX Ice Festival 2007

    Schweeet. Time to crawl out from the rock I've been hiding under and do some pullups.
  18. NYC Trip: Gunks Climbing

    I'm going to NYC for 7 days next week. Its pretty unstructured, so I'm thinking about getting in a day of climbing at the gunks midweek. It would be easiest, I think, to just pay a guide for a day of climbing. Thoughts? Anyone here actually used any guides from the area that they would recommend? Or should I waste time trying to hook up with a partner from the interweb. I'm not looking to be taught how to tie in or build an anchor. Just a chill person to show me some easy multi-pitch 5.8-5.9 and get out for a day.
  19. NYC Trip: Gunks Climbing

    A side benefit for paying someone, is that I don't have to haul a rack and rope across the country. Maybe I could just buy a new one there so I only have to haul it back.
  20. FS—Cams, Biners, Ultralamina 32, Gear, etc.

    Damn, I need a long. I slipped drytooling while gripping the head of the tool. Gloves next time for sure.
  21. FS—Cams, Biners, Ultralamina 32, Gear, etc.

    Is the Ultralamina a regular or long?
  22. Best insoles for climbing / hiking?

    I use shock doctors and really like them. They seem to have more support/plastic crap and the foam on them is oh-so-cushy. I like the heal pad.
  23. cc.com memes

    It's spreading...