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  1. New To Trad Climbing

    Cool. Yes that's what I've come up with you either love'em or you hate 'em.
  2. New To Trad Climbing

    What's the going opinion on tri cams?
  3. New To Trad Climbing

    I definately will keep all this in mind. Around here I've got Red River Gorge and will be heading out there this weekend. All I've got to say is that it is quite a bit more challenging-yep and FUN!!!!
  4. boot funk

    Don't use bleach, it might turn them funky colors. I use soap and water, let them dry out in the sun, then if still stinky, spray frebreeze in them and put unused dryer sheets in the toes for storage.
  5. New To Trad Climbing

    You and me both. I'm doing this on a very tight budget, cams will be later. But when my partner and I get together, I'll borrow some of his. Thanks for the advice.
  6. New To Trad Climbing

    Hello everyone. I'm new to trad climbing and learning how to place the passive pro. Just curious how long did it take before you felt comfortable with your gear placements to trust putting your weight on them. Thanks.
  7. trad gear

    Camalots will forgive you of your sins!!!
  8. Torn Bicep

    Ouch, have you checked out any of the articles on the bodybuilding sites? It might help you out.
  9. SWF seeks climbing partner/teacher

    If you really want to learn, go to an indoor climbing gym in the area and meet some people.
  10. Hey, I'm getting older, and I need advice about...

    You can only get away with it for a short period of time, especially if you have multiple hobbies.....
  11. Hey, I'm getting older, and I need advice about...

    Agreed with two-take limber and a rest day every so often. I have a bad back and knees and stretching does work wonders and also a varied warm up routine.
  12. Hey, I'm getting older, and I need advice about...

    Have you tried changing your warm up routine?
  13. Footwear

    Thanks again for the info. I will do the trying on of the different selections.
  14. Footwear

    Unfortuaetly I'm not from out there or live out there . I'm going with RMI, so those are the two rental boots to choose from (I'm doing this on a tight budget). Also totally new to mountaineering. Have no clue on the route. Thanks for the info., and I'm planning to have a blast!!!
  15. Footwear

    Mt. Rainier expedition