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  1. I'm looking to get some custom inserts / orthotics made to fix a funky foot pronation problem. Any recommendation where to get orthotics done in or around Seattle or Bellevue? I'm looking for a place that's clued in to doing this for ski boots. For that matter, any recommendations for a good bootfitter are much appreciated. thanks, Wardo gward _AT-Blarg.net
  2. Wondering if anyone knows of any places / people who slackline in Seattle - need to start working on my balance and thought this would be cool to get into. Before i drop the $ on gear, is anyone into this, and have thoughts on if it's worth the time and $ ?
  3. telemark boot recommendation?

    I'm new to telemarking, but am having a blast and am fired up to get gear. Wondering if there are any schools of thought on the best type of boot to learn on: I'd heard leather (or non-plastic) is great for focusing on technique. That's what i'm after - i'm a technique junkie. This season I'll be dong mostly lift-served runs; not much backcountry. I'm a long-time alpine skier and eventually will be on plastic boots i'm sure for speed & keeping up with friends on alpine ... but for learning purposes, to nail my form & balance, would it help to start with leather boots? Are leather (non-plastic boots) still sold / rented? All the rentals boots i've tried have been plastic - they're fine, but i haven't been able to compare them with the non-plastic alternative. thanks all gward_nospam_@blarg.net