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  1. 1. What is your Mountaineering goal this Summer of 2008? 2. How are you going to reach your goal? My goal is to climb Mount Adams this Summer. Im going to spend the night at Camp Muir twice a month hopefully until September. Then I plan on climbing Mount Adams. I'm also going to start walking to work again (with a 100z hydration pack) plus use my treadmill while watching tv or while I'm board.
  2. When you first start out you will be walking on cement a little ways up. Then the trail will turn to dirt and this is the area where I call the stair stepper up to Pebble Creek. Then between Pebble Creek & Camp Muir is the Camp Muir snow field. Here is one of my videos: tVRlJ2pCxPs I'm not sure why I had turn around that day. I think that I wanted to spend the night at Camp Muir more than do a day climb to Camp Muir.
  3. In my opinion I think before you try to climb Mount Hood that you should go to Mount Rainier & climb to Camp Muir (10,080ft). This would be a good training place before you venture to Mount Hood. This would also give you and idea what its like to climb to at least 10,080ft even though Mount Hood is 11,239ft. You can find a partner on this site or on summitpost.com site. I wouldn't even mind if you tag along this summer with me to Camp Muir. Then when you feel that your ready to climb Mount Hood you should find a partner who is experince in climbing or to find a guide that can safely take you up and back down again.
  4. My website is called Doug's Space
  5. Ya I wasn't to happy when I found out that my best friends brother droped the glow-stick down the crevass.
  6. This is my Camp Muir video that was filmed in September 2003. That year was my second year of Mountaineering. I had to turn around that day because of to many crevasses leading up to Camp Muir.
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