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  1. vantage Sunday 26th

    Looking for partner (s) for Sunday the 26th. I'll be there from Friday night to Sunday eve...Let me know asap
  2. climbing Vantage 26th

    Looking for a partner or partners to climb at Vantage the 26th.....
  3. partner bailed

    Keep me posted, I'd like to hook up and climb!
  4. partner bailed

    Hey, I live up at the pass and am looking for climbing partners for 38 and 32......today is tough, besides it's raining right now....sorry. Let me know of future dates you'll be up there....I"m about a 5'8------5'9 struggle..... K
  5. wannabe climber iso ropegun(s)

    I"m still fairly new to the West side and am always looking for consistent climbing partners. I live up at the Pass, so exit 32 and 38 work best, once in awhile I'll go to the gym.....Let me know when and where. I teach so I have a little time off in the summer....
  6. climbing on Sunday the 16th Vertical World or Exit 38