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  1. I am looking for two Black Diamond Ice Boxes. I know BD doesn’t make these any more. Does anyone have any kicking around, l am interested in purchasing. Writer will pay shipping to Canada. Drop me a line if you an assist with this request.
  2. I am interested in purchacing your boots. Do you still have them for sale. I live in Canada ,would you be willing to ship them to me. Is your price firm and I am suspecting your price is in US dollars. Thanks Rob
  3. Marmot Single Wall Asylum Tent $295

    Great Tent, Thanks for everything.
  4. Marmot Single Wall Asylum Tent $295

    I am still interested even though,I don't come from the (Northwest). More like Central Canada. Hope to here from you soon. Thanks
  5. Marmot Single Wall Asylum Tent $295

    I'll take it off your hands ! I sent you a pm to your email address. I await your reply.
  6. WANTED: another porta-ledge!

    I still have mine. BD Double SkyLounge w Simple Fly for $750.00 US. Brand New.

    Drop me a line I still have mine. BD Double Portaledge with BD Simple Fly.Were you able to scounge any cash together.Do you still have those photos that I forwarded you awhile back? Remember they are both brand new.
  8. Western Canada/January

    Joe,Good to see a Metis brother didn't bite the dust. Hope you get better soon.Remember be safe out there in them there hills. Rob Cleveland

    I have one for sale.Brand new BD Double Ledge and Fly.Drop me a PM and I can forward you some photos.We can haggle about the price if your interested.
  10. I still have all three items for sale. These would make nice gifts for the inspiring big wall climber on your Christmas list.I would hate to put them on Ebay if I didn't have to. Drop me a PM if your interested and we can work something out. Serious Inquires Only.Thanks
  11. At $300.00, I might as well be giving it away. Sorry
  12. I have only had these items for a little over a year. I purchased the portaledge from a shop in Portland and the fly directly from Black Diamond via the same shop in Portland.The haulbag I recieved out of New York. I take offence to to your remarks and your insinuating comments. They are still for sale anyways .
  13. I have now lowered the price to $800.US. Serious inquiries only.Drop me a PM if you are interested. Thanks for looking.
  14. This is not a scam nor a joke. I need to sell my BD Double Sky Lounge w Fly.I am also selling my A5 Northface Grade VII Haulbag,11,000 in/180 liters. All this gear is new! None of these items have been used or even come close to a wall. I need to part with these items so I can buy a new Carbon Fibre bike. Buyer pays for shipping.Shipping is out of Canada. I am asking $900.00 US for the whole package.Serious inquires only. Drop me a line if your serious. Thanks
  15. WTB Black Diamond Double Sky Lounge Fly.

    I am still looking for a fly for my ledge.If you know where I can pick one up orif you have one and want to part with it .Drop me a PM. Thanks