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  1. Funny that, since you have 13 post since the 12th of December... \ Why, that's a brilliant piece of research, Baby Einstein! There exists a simple explanation: I post more frequently than I want to post.
  2. Thwarted? Probably not. It requires all of about ten minutes to set up a hotmail account and create some stupid character. Banning does cause one to question what..... when the targets of banning seem to be completely arbitrary and when obnoxious little pukes seem immune.....just what in the heck are these monitors thinking? Banning also causes one to reflect on why anybody would want to squander their time offering wisdom, wit and a sense of humor when it seems the mods' unrefined sensibilities do not appreciate such qualities. Yes, it's caused me to want to post about twice a month at most.
  3. velvet_roadhog


    Will, here's a little advice from Franky: Do you know what you are? You are what you is You is what you am (A cow don't make ham...) You ain't what you're not So see what you got You are what you is An' that's all it 'tis A foolish young man From a middle class fam'ly Started singin' the blues 'Cause he thought it was manly Now he talks like the Kingfish ("Saffiiiee!") From Amos 'n Andy ("Holy mack'l dere...Holy mack'l dere!") He tells you that chitlins... Well, they taste just like candy He thinks that he's got De whole thang down From the Nivea Lotion To de Royal Crown Do you know what you are? You are what you is You is what you am (A cow don't make ham...) You ain't what you're not So see what you got You are what you is An' that's all it 'tis A foolish young man Of the Negro Persuasion Devoted his life To become a caucasian He stopped eating pork He stopped eating greens He traded his dashiki ("UHURU!") For some Jordache Jeans He learned to play golf An' he got a good score Now he says to himself ("I AIN'T NO * NO MORE...HEY! HEY! HEY!") "I don't understand you..." BWANA MA-COO-BAH "Would you please speak more clearly..." MERCEDES BAINNNNNNNZ Who is who (I don't know) 'N what is what (Somethin' I just don't know...) 'N why is this (Tell me now...) Appropriot (That's a funny pronunciation if'n ever I heard one...) If you don't like (Where'd you get that word?) What you has got (Appropriot? The word is not...) Drop it in the dirt (Drop it yeah...) 'N let it rot (I can smell it now...) Someone else (Here de come, here de come...) Will surely come (I told you they was comin') 'N pick it up (That's right!) 'Cause he wants some (An' he wants it for free...) And when one day (There will come a day...) You wonder who (I wonder too...) You used to was (Who I was anyway...) 'N what you do (I used to work at the post office...) You'll scratch your head (But I don't wanna un-do my doo...) 'N look around (Just to see what's goin' on) But what you lost (Can't seem to find it...) Will not be found (A Mercedes Benz...) Do you what you are? (I know...) You are what you is (I'm the kinda guy...) You is what you am (That ought to be drivin' a Mercedes Benz...) A cow don't make a ham (A four-fifty SLC...) You ain't what you're not (A big ol' red one...) So see what you got (With some golf clubs stickin' out de trunk...) You are what you is (I'm gwine down to de links on Saturday mornin'...) An' that's all it is (Gimme a five dollar bill...) YOU ARE WHAT YOU IS (And an overcoat too...) AND THAT'S ALL IT IS (Robbie, take me to Greek Town...) YOU ARE WHAT YOU IS (I'm harder than yer husband; harder than yer husband...) AN THAT'S ALL IT IS (I'm goin' down to White Street, y'all...) YOU ARE WHAT YOU IS (Gone down to the Mudd Club, 'n work the wall...) AN THAT'S ALL IT IS ('N work the floor 'n work the pipe 'N work the wall some more... And here we are at the Mudd Club, Y'all... I hope you enjoy yourself, cause the show's about To begin...)
  4. I would just like to echo all of the other responses to this thread: Jon, I want to blow you, and I thank you for admonishing all of those rascals out there who can't behave themselves. Seriously, you could save yourself a mess of trouble if you simply insist that the moderators' activities are always directed at making sure users are meeting the terms of the users' agreement. Currently, this clearly isn't happening. Valid and important perspectives on issues critical to access and to the maintenance of an adventure element in climbing.....yes, we're talking about bolting here.....are met with BANISHMENT. For example, this character Pope criticized the bolting of top-rope-sized mixed climbs near Snoqualmie Pass. He was warned through PM to not "hi-jack" threads and the following day, even though he made no further posts, he was banned. Other characters (Jkassidy and Schlangeschmecker) were simultaneously banned "for being Pope". Mean while, others were allowed to threaten physical harm and use incredibly insulting language. Gentlemen, it is truly a sad day when valid and important issues cannot be discussed on your website.
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