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  1. THE STUPIID BOWL..........

    Who's afraid of the big, bad Super Bowl? Not NBC NBC wants to steal away Fox's viewers during halftime of this year's Super Bowl, and it just might succeed with this combination -- six Playboy Playmates competing in the hit reality TV show, "Fear Factor." NBC plans to interrupt another program right when halftime begins, show the Playmate "Fear Factor" until the end of halftime, and then resume the Playmate parade at the end of the game. "The Super Bowl is a huge event and when a network has it, the other networks tend to just lie down and roll over," says Jeff Zucker, president of NBC Entertainment. "I hate lying down. I figured, let's have some fun."
  2. On Trask, change, etc.

    face it wank, no one likes ya to start with. it's probably always been that way for ya. guys like you that make claims like your post above don't have any real friends anyway. btw, what'd ya say yer name was?
  3. Trask

    Trask here - Yup, they not only banned me, they fucking locked out my computer at my home/office. I'm posting this from my laptop in Cabo. The weather is great, the fish are bitin' and the pussy is hot n' black. WooHoo!!! I will not be coming back to cc.com. If they've gone so far as a total IP blockout, that tells me they'd never let me back unless on their terms...which as those of you who know me know, I'd never accept. So I bid you all a fond farewell. If any of you cuntlickers want to reach me, email me at pigpendrew@hotmail.com Later wankers - trask
  4. hello fukkas

    ***You Are Ignoring This User*** eat shit and die, trask
  5. DONE!!!!!

    get this - I'm still a card carryin' teamster
  6. DONE!!!!!

    erik, I thought you didn't have to work anymore, beyotch what up wit dat?
  7. Jim McDermott

    how profound, erik soup for you today, my friend
  8. Ignoring Users: Posts and Private Messages

    ***Yes I Am***
  9. Health Canada message

    when did 'you know who' make the video?
  10. Jim McDermott

    McDimwit is a communist. Evidently there is a lot of communist support in this state, as he's quite popular. I guess anything goes in the State of Washington.
  11. Jim McDermott

    I can't say it any better than Veggie and Roark did.
  12. All this newfangled software...

    what is that anyway? computer dummies like me want to know.
  13. Ignore Loser

    Thanks timm@y, for allowing me the new option of 'ignore loser'. I've turned off allison/maryloser, so her rabid posts won't be visible to me to piss me off to no end and I shouldn't be banned any more.
  14. Pull Saddam's Finger

    Thankfully, my flash player is broken so I don't have to see childish shit like this.
  15. Poll This

    timm@y, the new upgrades rock. you REALLY outdid yourself...way ta go beyotch!!! OoRah!!!