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  1. Wherever you were, go back there next weekend

    Regardless of breed, a dog that finds itself in an abnormal (read: stressful) situation is going to fall back on its instincts, which for pretty much any dog includes territoriality, protectiveness, mistrust, attempts to dominate, etc. Particularly when separated from anyone familiar. Someone familiar to the dog should be with the dog, hanging out with it, taking it for a walk, or whatever while waiting for their turn to climb. For some dogs, and it sounds like for the one in question, belayers don't count. Care to explain the difference between 'breed' and 'breeding'? Both positive and negative temperamental traits are ABSOLUTELY heritable. Proper nurturing goes a long way though. Most dogs with a genetic predisposition to aggressiveness are quite loving and friendly, even to strangers, due to proper upbringing.
  2. One Way to Fight Inflation....

    Exiting times. Is it time to jump off the roof yet? How much does the relative illiquidity (and physical necessity) of housing make it resistant to a market meltdown? Are too many owners willing to give up the roof over their heads in order to plead bankruptcy and cop out on their debt? Are there enough foreclosures to poison the market? Will we be able to buy houses for 90's prices? Can you short sell in real estate? How is the government going to respond to outcry when it becomes more obvious that their greedy property tax reassessments should never have been indexed to volatile market values? When they find a way to refuse to repeal these property tax hikes despite a return to the prices of several years ago? When are the beneficent Corporations going to figure out how to take care of and manage their precious people-crops properly?
  3. That's right, don't take any shit, do what you want and do whatever you need to feel safe. Just maybe hang out with some more experienced fellows once in a while to absorb some style.
  4. Bad Idea

    Dude, like, I wonder what being stoned feels like for someone who doesn't know what being stoned feels like?
  5. Biggest SandBag [Local Route]

    I don't even see the topos anymore. All I see now is slab, handcrack, chimney...
  6. Biggest SandBag [Local Route]

    Actually I rate it 5.BoC
  7. Biggest SandBag [Local Route]

    Sandbags don't exist; only sandbaggers. Grades don't exist; only graders. Climbs don't exist; only climbers. Use your illusion.
  8. Biggest SandBag [Local Route]

    BoC is... BoC. All you need to know is that it is a steep widening hand crack that protects well. The rest you can figure out for yourself. I'm sure the sportos who brought you 7 distinct letter grades could even come up with a special term for when you 'onsight' something for which you may not know the precise consensus grade to 3 decimal places. But for the sake of promoting immensely entertaining threads like this one, let's instead randomly change the rating on every climb by a 'full grade' every year, so that we always have something to bitch and moan about. Next year's thread: "Softest Index wussroutes!"
  9. Strong Women

    Survey said!... ding ding ding hawtis innernets meme evar!
  10. Camp spots with solo climbing options nearby??

    Actually I don't really know what I am talking about since I haven't been in the mountains at all this year. Rumor is lots of snow though, eh? You could ski/snowboard something...
  11. Camp spots with solo climbing options nearby??

    Isn't that when you are supposed to be preparing a four-course backpacker breakfast and making cappuccinos, after having roamed the countryside at dawn for a corsage of alpine wildflowers? sickie :kisss: Enchantments? Prussik?
  12. Avalanche Advisory

    That would be a sight to see... from a safe distance. Would love to see photos if anyone sees it happen (I think I'm gonna pass anyway--skiing megamush would blow even if it weren't dangerous).
  13. What's with topozone

    This open source GTK program viking is a decent basic map browsing client that supports a number of different web-fetched formats including USGS and Google. It has a neat layering scheme that supports semi-transparent overlays. It's not a finished product and I'm not sure about Windows/Mac support. USGS topo overlayed on USGS aerial, auto-downloaded/displayed in 'browse-time':
  14. Index Starters

    I don't know what thread you are talking about, maybe you should make a link. How about Roger's Corner, Toxic Shock, Godzilla, Breakfast of Champions, Libra Crack
  15. Gear Tampering?

    I have never heard of this happening either. I guess people are wiser than this. However, I once climbed at a crag where you approach from the top and normally climb by setting up a clean gear anchor first (there are no bolts and nothing to simply sling with rope or webbing) and then lowering/rappelling down to the start of the pitch. The thought of anyone intentionally tampering with my gear placements worried me less than the thought that any of several other climbers that were buzzing around at the edge of the cliff might trip over my anchor setup and cause damage to it and/or themselves.
  16. Great tits cope well with warming!

    That must be episode 1: what she's like when you meet. Sneak preview of episodes 2 through 50 (to be played simultaneously, with no sound on the second one): UO7S2loSQKI eO_F2onVA-M
  17. More Global Warming Bullshit

    Meanwhile this french computer model is still predicting hotness.
  18. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/nationworld/2004391165_fakeguns04.html That's 'funny,' I didn't know you even needed a toy gun for the cops to shoot you on the spot without question. Anything to avoid challenging a cop's right to murder out of fear and fear alone...
  19. little brother is watching

    http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/americas/7387755.stm Looks that evil left-biased news media is at it again, showing 'footage' of police 'brutality.' Maybe FOX and her fanboys will come through and save the day by praising such professional heroism in the line of duty, and pointing out how much incredible restraint is shown in that the enemy were not shot 50 times, [HYPERBOLE ALERT FOR ROB ET AL!] per standard response to threatening black men in vehicles.
  20. little brother is watching

    But seriously though, if the officers really witnessed these guys shooting people, I'm surprised that they are even alive. The police would have been totally justified in taking these guys down in the act. All of the cheap shots in the video are incredibly unnecessary and unprofessional though. Cops can't be thugs. They have to be better than that.
  21. little brother is watching

    Into your mouth, fuckface. Only that's not urine. Peace sickie
  22. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/html/localnews/2004345390_websthelens12.html Cool fall. Every time I have visited the crater rim I have wondered if anyone has actually done this. Good job for surviving!
  23. 'Cops don't kill kids--toy guns kill kids.'

    You're certainly describing some of my hysterical collateral damage, but I want to clarify again that what started this thread was not my personal views on the police, but the idea that we have to ban toy guns because kids could be killed for having them. Using a toy gun that is indistinguishable from a real one, in a way that makes the police think that you are going to shoot someone, is the problem. This does not necessarily have anything to do with the sale, purchase, or possession of toy guns. We already have more direct and logical solutions to the real problem. Kids--don't point guns at people, period, and do exactly what the police tell you, while slowly putting your empty hands up. Parents--think hard before buying guns, toy or not, for your kids. Police--um, don't kill people unless you really have to. I'm sorry, that's already just as good as it gets. Trying to ban harmless shit instead of focusing on the real problems/solutions is ridiculous.
  24. 'Cops don't kill kids--toy guns kill kids.'

    Dude, you're so full of shit it must be seeping out your eyes. Sure, police brutality is real and I'm no fan of the swine, but you are so way over the fucking top you sound like a total asshat. Regardless of the circumstances? You actually believe that? So, you believe a cop could walk up to a 5 yo girl at a school crosswalk, and for no reason at all fire 50 bullets into her head, and he would be legally protected, REGARDLESS OF THE CIRCUMSTANCES? Fucking hyperbole Wow, I see that I am really reaching people here. I don't even have kids, but if I did, 1) I wouldn't buy them toy guns (or real guns), 2) but hypothetically if I did, and the cops shot them just because they had a toy gun, and then were able to use their schizophrenic fear as a legitimate defense, I feel that justice would not have been served. The critical part of this that I take issue with is the implication that, assuming there is a true problem here, that the solution to a potential misuse of force does not include rectifying police training to take this possibility into account. Just what is the current standard protocol for deciding when it is justified to shoot? I think this is a slippery slope because the very situation you describe* is hypothetically possible if the sole basis for the use of lethal force is that a cop simply feels threatened. And you may disagree with me but I think that the direction in which things are heading, highlighted particularly by weird laws attempting to ban inanimate, harmless objects simply because they might frighten police who are trained to shoot at the slightest provocation. (*although you failed to include the critical trump card that the law enforcer can play if they can claim to be threatened somehow by the 5yo) In high school I had guns drawn on me by police out of the blue for walking down the sidewalk with my friends while simply holding paintball guns non-threateningly. We simply walked normally past a cop working on his lawn, and the next thing we know there is a three car response and we're three hair triggers away from death. Luckily no shots were fired as we were quite obviously nonthreatening. But it made me wonder--what if I had sneezed, or tripped or something? Would I be writing this right now? I don't hate the police. Most of my interactions with them have been positive, and I believe that they are mostly honest, and do their best to protect me and everyone else. But that doesn't mean I think they are infallible, or that they should be immune from scrutiny. I never actually said it, so I will now: toy guns don't kill people! That is what I started this thread. The rest is spray. Obviously.
  25. 'Cops don't kill kids--toy guns kill kids.'

    To not limit this to the brandishing of nonlethal objects, True or False: the police { can, are trained to, and are legally protected if they } shoot you for any reason, as long as they swear that this reason is that they 'felt threatened,' regardless of the circumstances (quotes because an officer's mind state upon firing is completely subjective and completely unprovable). To break that up into three parts: can? yes are trained to? it seems so are legally protected? Amadou Diallo (41 bullets), Sean Bell (50 bullets), Roger D. Holyfield Jr. (tazered repeatedly while handcuffed?)...