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  1. Photo search: Baker/Shuksan for dummies

    what an idiot show em a topo
  2. Aconcagua in March '04 and/or Denali in June '04?

    I've been thinking about The Andes ever since I left. I recently spent 7 months in Ecuador and heard good things about going south. I might be convinced to make the trip. Rainier in January? With a 90-day visa to play with (I'm assuming that's what you get) it might be better to train on some of the lower peaks down there? My recent climbs are here. Nothing too spectacular: http://www.neolectric.com/~justin/NWframe.html Just a warning, I would strongly consider bringing a snowboard if I went down there, depending on the feasibility of a summit descent, which I have to ascertain. Let's talk, eh.
  3. $85 trail park pass - at a TH near you

    Don't we already pay taxes for this? Oh wait, all of our taxes go to killing people in other countries, instead of letting us explore our own. Woohoo.