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  1. [TR] Mt. Hood south side - 3/16/2007

    I did Hood with 50 pound packs in 6 1/2 hours with only 2 hours of sleep. Ain't my dick big.
  2. update...

  3. Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment

    I have a toenail clipper, no fingernail clipper. Will I be OK?
  4. Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment

    Baby Jesus turns me piss into beer.
  5. Another Mt Hood Stupid Comment

    Why didn't they send up Steve House? I heard he can part snow by raising his golden piolet. If the rescuers are so worried about avy danger, why can't they bring in some Apaches and shoot some Hellfires to kick some Hood ass?
  6. The Dead Vote

    Hi, I'm catbirdseat, and I'm an idiot!
  7. What Is "Climbing" For You?

    I'm an erectionist.
  8. Got Parasite?

    Look on the bright side - those scabies you got from trask may be doing you some good How do you know I didn't give them to Trask?
  9. Cracked ain't all bad...

    What a sellout...
  10. Skiin this weekend

  11. Photo of Larry the Tool

    Only if they're a wussy pansy ass.
  12. Softshells: the big myth

    But doesn't a softshell over goretex reduce breathability? Or are you cold? What's the point of wearing two sets of outerwear? It's like wearing two condoms!
  13. Alpental conditions 11-22-03

    Pope, I assume you would consider the visible streak blanched of lichen from repeated use on the West Face of NEWS to be a far worse crime than a few tiny bolts?
  14. workout music

  15. please summarize