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  1. "Everyone climbs 5.11a".....whatever. It's like Chouinard says. "Back then I couldn't do 5.11 but I could do a one-arm pullup. Now, I can get up 5.11a but I can't do a one-arm." Grades are soft, bolts have demystified 5.11. Your average sport climber is still in over his head on old-school 5.11, and that's the bottom line.
  2. Cool Radar Pic

    You should see the shadow of Big Lou's anatomical ski pole, if you know what I mean.
  3. PC: lemming see, lemming do

    With Maryloser you may doubt yourself....
  4. Marek,s web site

    Oh yeah the originator of "YOU ARE SO SUCK"!
  5. Teles take over mt Bachelor!

    iain check this out

    That's some nice stoke there.
  7. Whoever said I have nothing new to offer -

    No kidding. Seems she's just here to complain about what is posted.
  8. Mommy, why did CC.com ban Dwayner?

    Does sarcasm usually do the trick?
  9. Pussies and Bullshitters

    Just don't bash his bush.
  10. silverton is beyond sick!!!

    Don't forget overpriced for everything from food to lift tickets, or lodging.
  11. Let's light this candle.....

  12. $1000 Helicopter Rescue Fee Proposed

    With their new strike team, they'll probably need helo assitance anyway and rescues in the mountains should substitute for training as it does for military units.
  13. Skin question

    This is the best advice here.
  14. Telemarkers...

    Hey, I just tuned in to this thread so I'm late to acknowledge that it's true that AT does mean "can't tele" and to point out that tele is an art where AT is a means to an end. You should know that a snowmobile will get you up and down with more efficiency than AT so you can more quickly get back to your wimmen and prematurely ejaculate yet again.
  15. Making a sled for touring

    Anyone have some basic instructions, advice or ideas? A diagram or whatever ya got. Just looking to put something together that is cheap and sturdy.
  16. Making a sled for touring

    Is the entire plan for this sled on the internet or in a book?
  17. Making a sled for touring

  18. Making a sled for touring

    I see. Never expected something like this to work in shitty conditions. I guess I'd have to fold the burrito's back end as well so shit doesn't fall out. Thanks. Answers most of my kwestions.
  19. Making a sled for touring

    That karpet looks good. What do you do? Get and old carpet and roll it up like a burritto? I read the link there and it just talked about how it handled then the pros cons and tips. How about the attachment to the body and to the carpet? Do things rip up over time. How has this been tested? I can imagine it would be ripped up in some situations but if you apply it in the proper plan it _seems_ ok. Do the attachment areas rip? Are you attaching them by slings through a cut hole in the carpet?
  20. Making a sled for touring

    Thanks fellow dirtbags.
  21. Kennedy Hot Spring GONE!

    What was so cool about that place anyway? The only thing I can remember about the place is that it was filled with naked old people and pubic hairs apparently floating in the water. Puke!! Glad to have never gone in there.