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  1. Halliburton pillaging the Iraq effort

    There have been numerous occasions on this site that I have been slandered and defamed by various entities that disagree with a conservative outlook. This is the PNW AND a climbing website of which the majority of individuals are decidedly leftist. Often I have been referred to as fascist when there was a time and a place where that was simply referred to as patriotic. Hence, I bristle when I hear references to Germanic imperialism, despite my being German to boot. No offense taken. Sorry to make your into to the board a rough one. Much better. I prefer to know that the person I am talking with over the internet is not a tree hugger who's biggest military experience was watching Platoon on cable. I serve on the close protection detail for Ambassador Paul Bremer in Iraq. I only returned to the states 5 days ago. I have been in Iraq since July and prior to that I served in the military in close quarter ground combat units. My education is Information Technology and Criminal Justice. So now we have an understanding on the board. If KBR employees or company officers are guilty of using their influence to overvaluate contracts or charge for services not rendered than they should face charges. I have no problem with that. There is a tendency in situations such as a war, where confusion can reign for short periods to take advantage of that chaos. If there were instances of this occurring then punish the guilty and not the whole company. My point was simply that I see these folks driving shit trucks, water trucks, fuel trucks, serving chow, cleaning floors and bathrooms, building barriers, erecting temporary housing, fixing electrical problems, and a myriad of other small day to day chores that occur and I empathize with them having to make a living in a combat site. Not with the crooked executive that uses power and influence to rip off honest Americans who pay taxes and have sons and daughters serving in the region. I am at a loss to understand who was more capable of placing that amount of logistics on the ground in Iraq? DynCorp? They couldn't punch their way out of a paper sack. CSA? Retarded. Bechtel? They already soaked up all the construction contracts. Washington Group? Corps of Engineers? I have been in Kuwait, Jordan, Qatar, Iraq, Kurdistan and Afghanistan and I am not aware of who might have been better suited than KBR. Clue ME in.
  2. Halliburton pillaging the Iraq effort

    YEAH you are out of line. Get back on the short bus ass-monkey. If you want to refer to me as *HEIR* then just lock your heels in place right now and bust out a salute. Otherwise, don't get nasty brother. What were you a PAC clerk in the military? What prestigious contracts did you negotiate? Maybe you should take a class in militarism 101. The war was planned years before the Bush administration came to power and this is a well documented fact. But your point serves nothing to carry the argument for the fact that Halliburton was and is the right company for the job. If you want to apply your weak kneed argument to something than why don't you apply it to the civilian sector as well. Nordstrom's for example. Do you NOT think that there is a good old boys network that exists there? How about Calloway Golf? Marmot? Etc, etc, etc. There is a market for certain good and services and certain companies fit the bill. Shoe fits wear it, that sort of thing. I don't work for Halliburton. I owe them zero loyalty. I have no vested interest in the company whatsoever.
  3. Halliburton pillaging the Iraq effort

    Let me clarify. My observations are first hand observations, not some surmised factoid derived from an obscure news reporter who has seen about 1/10th as much of Iraq as I have. I am talking about the HUMAN FACTOR of the people on the ground there that work for KBR. The ground war had a build up phase from a military standpoint and the planning for the war was made years and years before Bush and CO even hit the polls. The plans to carry certain contractors was probably a result of loyalty and industry achievement over the course of many years. It's called a relationship. You wouldn't expect someone to create an operating system for you from scratch when you need one NOW and someone already has the instruments in place now would you? That's just seems senseless to me. The DOD went with what they had. KBR and others were ready and willing to go. If you're so concerned I can probably help get you a job over there for what you feel is a fair wage. Then you can put your life on the line and feel better about what you think the government should be paying someone to conduct support ops in a combat zone. In a guerrilla war there are no front lines and no secure rear areas. Climbing mountains is a pretty safe enterprise compared to driving a fuel truck up and down MSR Tampa every day.
  4. Halliburton pillaging the Iraq effort

    I'm not sure actually. Most of the contractors I know that work for KBR are very happy. They don't exactly exist in the same spheres that I do, but since they run virtually everything logistical in nature it is hard to avoid their presence. I would have to assume that if some of them are not being paid then I would speculate that they might be Iraqi national subcontractors. Plus with the way that some contracts are paid out by the government it is sometimes simply a timing issue and their may have been a lag period.
  5. Halliburton pillaging the Iraq effort

    There were no other contractors that had even half the resources of KBR/Halliburton or could mobilize in the time it took KBR to move out and get downrange. Those folks are doing a great job there. So unless you've been there and seen their efforts first hand, seen some of the shit jobs those folks are doing, I suggest you STFU.
  6. Red Mountain BC

    Thanks for the word Snoboy. Maybe I'll go surfing instead. Sounds like there is usually a good spring cycle of dumps though?
  7. Martha's Guilty - all 4 counts

    People that break the law deserve justice. That's about all there is to it. Do the crime, do the time. How hard is that to accept? Personally I think Pelican Bay would be a great place for those Enron/Worldcom fucks to get sent to.

    Hey Strickland why don't YOU insert something in your ass now because I heard you like it that way. That's probably what made you think of that to begin with. Fag.
  9. "Style-Guides" For Spray are Stupid...

    Kill your computer.
  10. "Style-Guides" For Spray are Stupid...

    Spray is dead.

  12. President Bush's accomplishments

    No one is threatening anyone knob. It was simply a lighthearted joke. FO.
  13. President Bush's accomplishments

    All I'm saying Iain is that's dangerous to have a racecar in the red...
  14. Washington Climbers, behold the pure among you

    That's a great shot of Burke on the home page. That guy tried to recruit me to jug and haul lines for him one summer, but I wasn't having any of that shit.
  15. President Bush's accomplishments

    I guess you are all just content with the status quo up to this point? Why don't you post this on the 9/11 survivors webboard or socnet and see how much sympathy you all get. Pansies.
  16. Climbing gym management

    Climbing is dead.
  17. Henry Rollins in town

    Is it going to be spoken word for certain? He has some pretty good nihilistic dark comedy routines too. I put my fist through the door I hate myself for you I love you Suspicion rules my very soul My knife is sharp, my thoughts are cold
  18. Nerd Call to Arms!!!

    as an uninsured underemployed slightly malnourished with bills to pay including fukin taxes member of the american stagnant economy i would say 'no'. i wouldnt like to know. fuk mars and the spaceship that landed there. Maybe you should try to get a job with NASA. Like as in MOVE to where the jobs are. The stagnant economy is Washington State, not everywhere else.
  19. here's somthing to think about

    I notice that they are starting to make them bigger, but quieter. My first course of action upon return to the US is to buy the biggest V-8 truck I can find. Then I'm going to buy a snowmobile so I can yo-yo ski circles around earthie crunchies.
  20. Is the war still all about the oil?

    I think everyone's opinion in this matter is pretty viable at this point. Everything is in flux and there is plenty of speculation. My opinion is if you distill the human race down to a fine point we are nothing more than animals competing for resources we know we need to survive. Now some would argue that it is our ability to reason and negotiate that seperates us from animals, but history has shown us time and time again that when competing interests collide, and there is enough at stake, that eventually force will be applied to the mix. The strongest will survive and the weak will be extinguished. I understand that this may not always be the "dominant paradigm" as is oft quoted here, and that I may be a dying breed, but this is still sometimes the reality of the human race. If you don't agree with oil as an energy source then I encourage you to "eschew the dominant paradigm", quit using your car, turn off your heaters, quit consuming goods that are somehow connected in any way to the oil industry, get a doctorate in thermophysics, devote your life to research in achieving more efficient energy sources and change the world as we know it. I sense that it won't happen in my time so I will continue to do everything I can to insure that OUR standard of living is maintained and perhaps even enhanced in the current world. I'm sure that when the oil runs out we will be fighting over water or some other insidiuous resource lurking in the shadows.
  21. Your Favorite Spray?

    I forgot I used to have the avatar Smokey McPot too. I think I gave that one to Curt Gibson (AKA Lucky).
  22. Is the war still all about the oil?

    You're right about Russia. They have two things they are really good at. Criminal enterprise and being thugs. If some half ass dictator does go berserker and achieve WMD status it won't be because of their think tank labs hidden in the desert. It will be because Russia sold it to them in some back alley dope deal. Tele_Nut out. It's 1220 in the morning here and I have to get up boucoup early. My boss is nicknamed THE Machine. He just plugs himself into the wall at night. He's killing guys half his age.
  23. Is the war still all about the oil?

    I think it (the Middle East) will come around. Iraq and the Iraqi's aren't half bad. Though, who knows what they'll be like in 20 years when they're swimming in money. Hopefully it won't mess them up too bad. Kuwait on the other hand is about the most obnoxious group I've ever seen. Too much money, too little country to do anything in other than drive their cars like maniacs and use up more oil. And Qatar...they treat everyone like peasants. Saudi is a whole other story. I get worried even posting that name on the internet. They'll put your ass on a list. Like I need that headache too. I think the US will prosper greatly from this move, and we will continue to maintain or tenuous foothold on being a superpower for the time being.
  24. Is the war still all about the oil?

    I think the benefits of all this will filter down at a later date. I know for alot of people it has created worry and uncertainty about alot of things. I know the war has created tensions. In reality though were some of these 'friendly' nations merely wolves in sheeps clothing? Germany was for a long time a powerful nation. With Russia finally in shambles (thanks to Jihad) they finally have what they have always wanted. A safe eastern border. They are now free to make their move. The fact that France wants to back them in their play is truly one of the sick ironies in life.
  25. Is the war still all about the oil?

    In all reality what you just said about OPEC is part of the crux of the issue. OPEC has long threatened to decrease production if certain demands were not met. Since we had gotten into bed with Saudi Arabia over Afghanistan we have been tied to their unscrupulous money/oil politics ever since. 9/11 proved the worthiness of the average Saudi's mindset, and now we are moving out of all our bases there. So now, with Iraq, we no longer need Saudi bases, we've dealt OPEC a low card, AND we have Iran pincered between a coalition controlled Afghanistan and Iraq. This is chess at it's finest. What's not to love?