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  1. You better learn to control yourself

    C'mon, you've seen the pics from Pub Clubs, right?
  2. deeply offensive

    I would think you'd grow tired of it pretty quickly. It's turned out to be a lot of sniping and finger pointing and it most likely won't do anything to bring back the people who died.
  3. in the nuts

  4. in the nuts

  5. in the nuts

  6. Bouldering is LAME

    Does it hit too close to home Rumr?
  7. sick of climbing.

    Face it - it's time to end it all.
  8. get yer smartcar

    Now Jim and Joshk have something to get excited about.
  9. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    It was great to log on this morning and see more Nodder posts.
  10. A choice....

    Being a conduit doesn't involve negotiating for the U.S. or pushing the U.S. by telling the world we aren't responding to what they feel is a decent offer from Iran.
  11. A choice....

    I think we should hold out until the hardline clerics are overthrown there.
  12. Big Bear

    This is an ongoing urban legend. http://www.blackbearheaven.com/world-record-grizzly-bear2.htm
  13. The forum formerly known as "New"..

    Good to see there's more spray in this new version of the Rock Climbing Forum.
  14. Spray Movement

    Funny how this site is now about all the people who don't post here.
  15. yet another state tax on the poor

    Straight liability really isn't very much unless you've got a poor record.