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  1. Telemark skis & boots

    Tua Diablo MX telemark skis with 3 pin quick release bindings $60 Fischer Big Stix 74 telemark skis with 3 pin bindings $50 Garmont Veloce telemark boots, size womens 8.5 $50 Scarpa telemark boots, size mens 10.5 $40 Feel free to make an offer. I'm in Portland - not interested in shipping. PM here or email to foresterdaniel at hotmail thanks for looking.
  2. Telemark skis & boots

    remarkably, a couple of these items are still available. Can't edit the posts above, so here's what I've still got on hand. Bargain prices! Tua Diablos $30/best offer Garmont Veloce boots $20/best offer foresterdaniel at hotmail is the best way to reach me, thanks!
  3. Telemark skis & boots

    bumping this in honor of the recent snowfall. can't seem to edit my original post, but the scarpa boots are sold, and everything else has a reduced price. Tua Diablos are $50/best offer, Fischer Big Stix are $40/best offer, and the Garmont Veloces are $40/best offer. foresterdaniel at hot mail is the best way to get in touch. thanks for looking! Dan
  4. Telemark skis & boots

    still available - thanks, Dan
  5. Black Diamond Camalots, all well taken care of. Prices as follows: BD Camalot .5 (C4, barely used): $35 $30 SOLD BD Camalot .75 (C4): $35 $30 SOLD BD Camalot #1 (pre-C4): $35 $30 BD Camalot #2 (pre-C4): $35 $30 SOLD BD Camalot #3 (pre-C4): $40 $35 BD Camalot #4 (C4): $50 $45 SOLD Black Diamond Wired Hexcentrics #4-9, sell as set only, $45 $35. SOLD Camp Tri-cams (red and black): $8/each $5/each SOLD BD Figure 8 belay/rappel device (good condition, barely ever used): $10 $5 Metolius multi-loop gear sling, excellent condition: $15 $10 SOLD Prefer to deal locally in Portland. Thanks for looking! Dan
  6. FS: Snow/Ice Gear

    Black Diamond straight shaft tool, $25. Don't know the model name, never got a chance to use it. Seems like it'd be a good second tool for steep snow? BD turbo ice screw, $20. SOLD SMC Crampons (size L) with straps and crampon bag, $35. Adaptable to any kind of boot. Prefer to deal locally in Portland. Thanks for looking.
  7. FS: Snow/Ice Gear

    Ice screw sold. Black Diamond ice tool and crampons are still available (pick up in Portland only, no shipping on these items).
  8. FS: camalots, hexes, tricams, gear sling

    Post updated to reflect items sold. #1 and #3 Camalots, gear sling, and figure 8 belay/rappel device are still available.
  9. FS: Women's Harness/Rock Shoes

    Women's Black Diamond Primrose Harness, $20 $15. Very little use. Can't find the size on it, but I'd guess medium. Sold Chalk bag $5 (or free with shoes/harness) Women's Five Ten rock shoes, $25 $20. Hardly any use. Size US 8 1/2, Euro 41.5 Sold
  10. FS: Women's Harness/Rock Shoes

    Shoes and harness are sold, thanks- Dan
  11. FS: camalots, hexes, tricams, gear sling

    Rock gear is still available, with new prices. thanks, Dan
  12. FS: Books

    3 books for sale: Mountaineering: The Freedom of the Hills (6th Edition) - $10/best offer $5 Oregon Rock Climbing: Willamette - $10/best offer $5 Bugaboo Rock: A Climbing Guide - $10/best offer Thanks for looking, Dan
  13. FS: Books

    Bugaboo guide is sold (pending payment). Reduced prices on the other 2 books. thanks, Dan
  14. FS: Women's Harness/Rock Shoes

    Harness and shoes still available, at reduced prices. thanks, Dan
  15. FS: Snow/Ice Gear

    Thanks for the identification! Dan
  16. FS: Snow/Ice Gear

    I'm not in need of any additional climbing gear right now, but thanks anyway! Dan
  17. FS: Women's Harness/Rock Shoes

    Sent you a PM.
  18. FS: Books

    I can ship via USPS priority mail (flat rate). thanks, Dan
  19. FS: cams, aid gear, ice screws

    Clearing out some things that haven't seen much use lately. Prefer Portland sale but can ship (buyer pays shipping). Metolius TCUs, red & yellow. Placed a handful of times. $35 each.SOLD Camp Ball Nuts, likewise very lightly used. $20 each.SOLD Yosemite Wall Hammer, $60. $50 Pitons: 2 camp lost arrows, 3 BD bugaboos, 2 BD angles. Brand new. $5 each, or $30 for all of them. SOLD Ice screws: 1 BD turbo, $20. 1 BD express, $25SOLD. The previous owner may have gotten some use out of these but I sure never did. Still nice & sharp. Some aid trinkets: small Leeper cam hook ($5), medium Leeper cam hook ($8), BD talon ($12), Leeper Logan hook ($7), Leeper wide hook ($7) SOLD
  20. FS: cams, aid gear, ice screws

    Post updated to reflect items sold. One ice screw left, and I reduced the price on the wall hammer to $50. C'mon, big wall aspirants, that's a good deal!
  21. Oregon Pinnacles

    Is this the formation just SW (?) of the summit of Silver Star? nice pictures on this thread, by the way. thanks for kicking it off Tyler.
  22. Good chimney near Portland?

    there's lots of loose rock in and around those chimneys on the west side of horsethief. use good judgement.
  23. LOST 17quickdraws on the bolted ladder Pioneer rte

    Someone asking Ivan about correct aiding ethics and grabbing gear on regular routes.....it stopped me dead in my tracks in wonderment and I had to slow down and re-read it. This is highly and spectacularly irregular..... Ivan could easily teach a master class in pulling on gear aka "alpine trickery" as I think he likes to call it? I'm no slouch in the pulling on gear dept either - aid climbing ruined me forever.
  24. Beacon: No-lights, moonlit run up YW...?

    go do it Will - you'd like that climb I bet
  25. LOST 17quickdraws on the bolted ladder Pioneer rte

    I was contemplating this Ivan but using prussiks in aiding to climb up the rope is like grabbing the gear on regular routes, do not you think? What, like using prussiks while aiding is "bad style"? When you're aiding you get to dispense with such quaint notions of style. I always have prussiks on my harness but they're basically for emergency type situations only. Try prussiking up a 30m pitch sometime for practice to see how awesome it is - a couple of ascenders will seem reasonably priced after that experience. That said - ascenders are just a hassle on the pioneer route bolt ladder. It's easiest and fastest for the leader & follower to both aid the pitch. Without a fifi it would be a pain but not impossible. A friend of mine did it w/ just a carabiner on his belay loop and it took him like 1 1/2 hours (!) - another good learning experience. The benefit of the fifi, of course, is that when you unweight it, it will come right off - whereas with a biner, you've got to fiddle with getting the gate open, etc. It's too bad more people don't do a little aid practice before trying the pioneer route. The bolt ladder is trivial if you know what you're doing. I'd recommend that anyone who wants to climb that route go out & practice aiding on gear (on top rope even) one time, just to get the basic sequence down. That bolt ladder can be a frustrating place to do your first aid pitch.