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  1. MSR Superfly Stove, used only a couple of times - $35.00 +shipping

    Thermarest 72" Prolite 3 with bag. No holes or patches - $35.00 + shipping

    Outdoor Research waterproof overmitts, no damage or wear - $25.00 + shipping

    Size Large old-school North Face down jacket (no hood), 2.5 lbs. No stains, tears or patches - great shape!
    If you need a very warm jacket, this may be the ticket. An oil-hauler in North Dakota or a Ski Lift Operator would appreciate the R value of this mega-puffy - $40.00 + shipping.

    w o l f e b o x at gmail dot com


    MSR Superfly.jpg

    Thermarest Prolite 3.jpg

    Thermarest tags.jpg

    OR overmitts.jpg


    Jacket tags.jpg

  2. Hey, John!


    Here's your quote: I am modern day blue collar. I am a cube farmer. I am a PowerPoint pusher.


    Whatever you may be you are not blue collar. Did I mention "modern" blue collar is a crap nomer for yourself?


    That's right, I did


    Nice Try


    Lay some concrete and do some framing for a week and get back to me :battlecage:

  3. how much are those things
    Hey, Porter.


    Where's that pic of the Big Balla's sweet ride? :laf:


    I used to ride a "snortin" Norton 750 Commando, but I always wanted one of these:





    Nowadays, I think the new Guzzi 800 is the shiz. :rawk: