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  1. Creepy and cool

  2. Spring Ski In

    What about nonsliders, eh? We can't play??
  3. updated climbing conditions...

    I see you, nodder....
  4. Sweet TR, Alpine_Tom! The "disco platform" comment cracked me up. My snowman could use some more cuddling, too. What I want to know is, why didn't you introduce yourself??
  5. [TR] Rainier - Nisqually Ice Fall 4/9/2004

    Yes! What an excellent trip. Terry, it was great climbing with you. I'm amazed at how well you did considering you made the ascent in a single push! Nice work. And my dear ivan, I'll come down from 10,000 feet any time you want to hang out .
  6. WTF?

    Cracked, you're just mad 'cause your parents didn't buy you one for your birthday
  7. is it love? lust? whatever. chick is a hottie

    This thread is terrific!
  8. is it love? lust? whatever. chick is a hottie

    Oh! Jeez, I am a young'un. But Muffy said "for a price"...and what would that be?
  9. is it love? lust? whatever. chick is a hottie

    Yes, but....
  10. is it love? lust? whatever. chick is a hottie

    she could eat cracker sin my bed FOR A PRICE wtf does that mean??
  11. is it love? lust? whatever. chick is a hottie

    Yeah, she is freaking hot. I'd do her.
  12. TNF store 75% off ALL climbing gear

    Tru dat
  13. Rainier this weekend? (10th/11th)

    Here's a closer look at the headwall. Photo taken 04.02.04
  14. best of cc.com The Nodder?

    Then why are you reading and posting on it??
  15. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Gib. Ledges 4/3/2004

    Fun slumber party in the Muir hut, skyclimb No attempt on the Icefall though...partners bailed. It appears to be in good shape, so hopefully I'll give it a shot sometime this season.
  16. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Gib Ledges 4/2/2004

    Wanna give it another go next weekend? I'm down with four attempts on that route in four weeks! That chute was the funnest bit of climbing I've done this year!
  17. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Igraham 4/4/2004

    Actually, they smell good! I just spent four days on the mountain. You would rethink that statement after getting within 30 feet of me.
  18. [TR] Mt. Rainier- Igraham 4/4/2004

    Yeeeahhh Winter! Great job up there. It was excellent meeting you, and thanks again for the fuel! I owe you one for sure. Sweet pics as well
  19. BD Arc Angels, brand new, 200cm reduced to $60

    Throw in the mullet wig and you got yourself a deal!
  20. Tim or Jon: PM probs?

    ARHG!! I fell for it completely. Pretty funny though.
  21. Why are my PM's all in hexadecimal??

    I would expect nothing less from you guys!
  22. Why are my PM's all in hexadecimal??

    It's simply torture to see my inbox filling with pm's I can't read
  23. climbing fri sat sun

    Plus Rainier is only 1.5 hours away! Cracked, you should come with me instead of going to Cascade Pass
  24. climbing fri sat sun

    Wish I could go....but Rainier is calling my name
  25. TR: Redmond VW 3/31/04

    That's terrific! Thanks for the fun read, Alex.