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    i'd rather be climbing

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  1. What about nonsliders, eh? We can't play??
  2. Sweet TR, Alpine_Tom! The "disco platform" comment cracked me up. My snowman could use some more cuddling, too. What I want to know is, why didn't you introduce yourself??
  3. Yes! What an excellent trip. Terry, it was great climbing with you. I'm amazed at how well you did considering you made the ascent in a single push! Nice work. And my dear ivan, I'll come down from 10,000 feet any time you want to hang out .
  4. girlclimber


    Cracked, you're just mad 'cause your parents didn't buy you one for your birthday
  5. Oh! Jeez, I am a young'un. But Muffy said "for a price"...and what would that be?
  6. she could eat cracker sin my bed FOR A PRICE wtf does that mean??
  7. Here's a closer look at the headwall. Photo taken 04.02.04
  8. Then why are you reading and posting on it??
  9. Fun slumber party in the Muir hut, skyclimb No attempt on the Icefall though...partners bailed. It appears to be in good shape, so hopefully I'll give it a shot sometime this season.
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