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  1. Finals bitch thread

    damn, that sucks to have to know that. at least in my job if i dont know something i could just look in the NEC Code book for the answers. i am sure that your patients wouldnt be to impressed or happy if you stopped halfway through, took a book off the shelf and went "OK, i get it now."
  2. Guys! Part-time job opportunity!

    fuck work, im gona be a billionare!
  3. What're you listening to II

  4. WTB: Beaks-Thin Pins

    He Said pecker
  5. Tikka the cc wonder cat trapped!

    That wasent your cat i sold to the asian man yesterday?
  6. For all the bouldering photo haters

    watch me FLEX Sick BRA! NarNar and another one! The sequence ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHH!
  7. Rating the opposite sex with climbing language

    well i was going to say you needed a valley giant, but that would be just rubbing it in.
  8. What's for lunch?

    darwins theory at its finest.
  9. Rating the opposite sex with climbing language

    Trip Report F.A. Sarah ******, 5.9+ R Years and years ago I was projecting this little 5.9+ grade II climb up in Alaska. It looked easy for the taking but it turned out not so. I was thinking that it was going to be some little sport climb then I would move on to the next. Turns out this climb was not like the all the others, it ended up bieng a grade VI wall. It was defiantly a FA, because I had to clean it up a bit and there was a fair bit of loose stuff going on up high. When I first got on it, it had quite the boulder start; I couldn’t seem to get past that slab section. So I would go off to other climbs to free solo to burn off some steam and calm down. When I started working the problem harder it opened up and showed me some moves such as a slammer finger jam and even some good jugs up higher. Even messed around with a direct variation, but that didn’t go as planned.. And eventually after a fair bit of top roping I sent it. Since that day I have installed anchors up on it (nipple rings) have even tried to ad link-ups to it. I know there is a link up that will happen in time but just not now. Unfortunately the climb has gotten populated since I got that first ascent, even went clean for years but after years of being used, I would probably resort to aid for protection if I were you. Have fun on the climb, it is a wild ride. The wipers aren’t too bad either. Gear is a rack of nuts and big bros to 9 inches.
  10. Smith pictures TR

    haha, my bad, i was probably somewhere else soaking up the rays. see you guys on the next episode of "Bent cam for the gay man." next round at smith
  11. Smith pictures TR

    And be sure to congradulate MisterE for accapting Laytons marrige proposal on a belay stance. it was witnessed by the masses and the ceremoniy will take place in portland next time through. haha
  12. Smith pictures TR

    Sweet trip! we even had movie night satrday night in misterE's van, complete with stadium seating too. Major props to nick (skyclimb) for finishing the pitch and seting up a bail when my arm bone decided to seperate from my shoulder halfway up zebra zion. PRR's coming your way next time.
  13. Thoughts

    actually, yea. an evergreen cargo 747 in anchorage about 8 years ago lost the engine over town.
  14. Vid of stephdavis on

    what about deans 50 footer??? that was intense.
  15. The Oscars

    Good, that was probably the most hands down stupidist movie ever!!!! come to think of it all the movies out there now are boring as shit. the only good movies out there are pornos in my opinion, but thats just me, and super troopers too.
  16. distels neck beard

    Abraham Lincoln sez...... Did someone say Neck Beards??????
  17. Did someone say Mounties????

    This one dosent even need a caption though
  18. texas hold'em

    So, anybody down for a little online poker? I can open a room and invite some friends. 10 players max. If i get some intrest, give me a time that works for everybody, like wednsday, at 3:00 pm. it is totally free.
  19. texas hold'em

    that is the shitiest thing about it. if you guys want we could have a poker night in b-ham at my place. like a 5 dollar buy in. i got a pool table too.
  20. favorite lies

    "i got the next pitcher"
  21. Weekend TR Thread

    Humped the old lady doggystyle (so we didnt get sand in ones junk) on second beach out by la push. sweet weather and nobody out there at all. big ass waves and sunny weather. only down fall was that i got shit on by a seagul, first time in my whole life that has happend.
  22. favorite lies

    my favorite i like to say is "no, i am not peeing in the shower."
  23. Partner never wanted to go to Vantage

    Torque is a circular motion, so did you give the tower an indian arm burn or something?
  24. favorite lies

    Sucks to be you!
  25. Poor Kitties

    you should see the pile of kittens in my back yard, they are starting to block the view, and i am on the second floor!