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  1. T.R washinton pass; 4 spires in a day

    That about sums it up (and amazingly readable by whirls standards) but you forgot to add the fact one of the prime motivators for quick belay changes and rappels was the terrible rumblings in my stomache from the breakfast porter. Gas so bad and stank that even Mr.T would pitty the fool who shared the belay stance with me! This also worked to my advantage too, i have never seen anyone so eager to jump onto manky tat as he was, good tester I guess. And jorts are Jean Shorts, jorts. Right?
  2. Spring Ski-In Follow-up

    Actually it was my class i was teaching, "How to be a Mountie 101" First rule, always wear gorts, even with flip-flops. second rule, there is no second rule, go back to #1.
  3. Drug testing

    The drug test is all mental. They just do that shit to make the insurance agency happy. My buddie was down in utah with me smoking the reefer for a week straight. then the day he got back to work in alaska, first thing in the morning, he got a random. He said he still had cottonmouth when he was taking the test and he came out negative. imagine that.
  4. Spring Ski-In Follow-up

    Sorry about that pan there whirl, i was in full on space cadet mode this weekend for some reason, i got another pan close to it you can have if it dosent come through. as for letting you wear your jorts, did you not look up and see snow all over heard the corn rash on your legs looked like you fell into a coma in a tanning bed. As for the trip, the climbing was Fucking Bluebird on saturday, except when you were on the north faces which were cold (duh). concord tower was one of my favs, the summit ridge and top out moves were intense. on sunday the weather was not looking good, untill the second jja and i left the ground, then it got better and better. Peace in the butt-crease
  5. drunkardness

    so, its now 3:49 and i wnt to the ranch room, at 10:15 am because the beaver wasebt open then, then we went to the beaver at 11:00 when they opend. whats the earliest you have been drunk at the bars? i think today was ny personeal record. and onother record, i only hit the alarm exit twitce!
  6. To all the whiney bitches (almost everybody)

    Actually i just got over a dozen pitches last saturday at squamish, up to .11d. Witnesses, Check; Pictures, yup; am i going to post them, nope. Aparently i am bieng called out on it, so next time i go i will take pics of every move and post a lengthy trip report of every ringlock on exasperator. All joking aside, i think that nobody here has any beef with luke's climbing preference. the only thing they would like to see is a little self restraint in his chestbeating. i go to larabee and clayton and area probably every other day now but i dont need to tell the world about it and post pics of every problem. I know luke personaly and think he is a great kid, but i also see how he does get a little over zelous in the fairy tale land of the computer. an example of this is when somebody asked for advice on the weather on dragontail, distels answer was the weather forcast for central Utah???? how that relates, i dont know, i have already gotten the point that he is going to utah, many many times. This fighting shit is all boring, everybody thinks there right. I gaurentee tha people would not say half the shit they doo here if it was in person, face to face. lets just have a good old highschool brawl at the next grasslands meeting, then we will be over it and get PBR'ed. if not, get over your bitching.
  7. Name this peak!

    any guesses? it looks like it has some nice north faces, i think it is in the red beckey?
  8. three photos of the day

    Eat your heard Out John Holmes, i got a load big enough to shampoo a buffalo.
  9. I hate stupid people

  10. Fri/Sat/Sun Weather Forecast...Discuss

    Home > Local Forecast for Gaylord, KS Today Mar 18 Sunny 64°/40° 0 % Fri Mar 19 Mostly Sunny / Wind 77°/49° 0 % Sat Mar 20 Mostly Sunny 65°/31° 0 % Sun Mar 21 Partly Cloudy 42°/29° 10 % Mon Mar 22 Partly Cloudy / Wind 58°/46° 10 % Tue Mar 23 Isolated T-Storms / Wind 70°/47° 30 % Wed Mar 24 Showers 61°/42° 40 % Thu Mar 25 Partly Cloudy 61°/46° 20 % Fri Mar 26 Partly Cloudy 67°/37° 0 % Sat Mar 27 Scattered Showers 59°/32° 30 % Last Updated Thursday, March 18, 2004, at 12:32 PM Central Standard Time (Thursday, 1:32 PM EST) Sending Temps Sorry about the thread drift too.
  11. [TR] The Rope - Washing the Filthy Bastard

    Step 1: Instead of ass say buns, like "kiss my buns" or "you're a buns hole" Step 2: Instead of shit say poo, as in "bull poo", "poo head" and this "poo is cold" Step 3: With bitch drop the t cuz bich is latin for generosity Step 4: Dont say fuck any more cuz fuck is the worst word that you can say So just use the word mmkay!
  12. Fri/Sat/Sun Weather Forecast...Discuss

    Hate to be the dick distel, but i am sure nobody cares what the weather will be like for bouldering at a place that is over 1000 miles away! i know i dont give a shit.
  13. [TR] The Rope - Washing the Filthy Bastard

    here is my ascent, it was a chossy mess though.
  14. You know you've been posting too much on cc.com...

    You can mentaly decifer the hyrogliphics of Wirlwind and Muffy without the tablets.
  15. You know you've been posting too much on cc.com...

    you use your PM's like they are chats.
  16. Michael Layton, Bonecruncher

    what, he didnt give you the courtesy reach around?

    Spandex and Bacardi, thats my kind of party!
  18. yet another state tax on the poor

    Haha, whats an "ass much". Over there in germany and the likes, dont they base there fines on the offenders income? so that it is always a certain percentage of what they make a year?
  19. Icy Hot Stuntaz

    What the fuck, these kids think they are the real deal Icy Hot Stuntaz My favoite quote is in "Freezes" Bio, "Ride: Well in the picture is my brothers car, I don't really know what it is, personally I got this phat razor skooter. Its the shiznit! Negro!!!" If you were in a CC.com gang what would your thug name be? Mine would be "Booty Killa" for all the booty gear i have been finding.
  20. Our Bizarre English Language

    Fuck the Fucking Fuckers
  21. leagal question

    what did you do this time? "honest officer, she said she was 18.... come on, tell me you wouldnt have."