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  1. Trolling for smartasses

    i once ate a whole can of corn withought chewing a bite! just wanted to see what it would look like on the way out.
  2. Favorite Porno Movie Names?

    the ones that make me laugh are -The 3 Musket-eaters. -In Diana Jones and the Temple of Poon. -Men in Back. -Shaving Grace. -Hairry pooter and the Sorccers Bone. -Hairry pooter and the Chamber of Secreations. There are so many others I cant think of them all, help me out. Ok, I just proved I have never really grown up.
  3. A question for the ladies

    tell the potential suitor that your a "Internet DotCom Tycoon" now and they should flock, girls like money!
  4. Quote for the day

    Fat chicks are like Mopeds; There fun till your friends catch you on them!
  5. Pictoral hints of your work

  6. Van Parasites!

    data analysis shows something interesting with the zoom-o-matic software.
  7. Spare change you moron?!!!

    Ask them if they can break a hundred, that usually works for me if i am feeling like an ass.
  8. Aww, C'mon!

    i got pulled over not to long ago for 59 in a 35. Litteraly in the middle of nowhere, 23 miles up the baker lake road, just a mile from the turn off to the forrest road for the baker hotsprings. it was the day after i cut the meanest mullet and handelbars you have ever seen. cuz it was the middle of nowhere and the sherrif laughed at the hairdoo he let me off with a warning, lucky as fuck.
  9. any guesses?

    A Ron Popiel invention unvieling infomercial? Cant get too much of the 1am Ronco Electric Food dehydrators or the Ronco Magic Shoe scrubs. Set it and forget it Bitch
  10. mighty mount erie

    I have been living in the fertile skagit valley lately in a shack down by the river, just a stones throw away from and around the corner of the shadow of this massif. Anybody, anytime (as long as its after 3pm), anyclimb. I can be there in 15 minutes. Peace in the Butt-Crease
  11. mighty mount erie

    3:00 today? anyone, it is such a nice day out, cant let it go to waste after the shitty weekend.
  12. SOMEBODY STOP ME!!!!!!!!!!

    Twin islands rising in a sliding Spandex sea. Land ho, camel toe!
  13. Snaffled Skivies on Condorphamine Addiction

    I lost those in my last underground walk-off down at the old members only warehouse. That damn Hansel has moves that i couldnt beat. Forced me into an early retirement but soon came back with the Deraleke line of fasionable streetware Click here to see me model On the left is Ferrarri Next one over is Latriga The next one is Blue Steel And Of course dont forget MAGNUM
  14. Entertaining avatars

    everyone usually asks whats up with that
  15. Oops, she did it again

    i wouldnt kick her out of bed for eating crackers
  16. mighty mount erie

    100, (just had to get that out of my system)!
  17. mighty mount erie

  18. Mountaineering Uniforms

    but teal pants with red gaytors are just as fashionable!
  19. Climb: E! True Hollywood story at Washington Pass- Date of Climb: 5/14/2004 Trip Report: Dude, has anybody ever said you look like Val Kilmer? I pause for a second and think way back. “Yea, a few actually” laughing at the rather unorthodox answer, nick AKA Skyclimb, a rather well know Christian Slater impersonator, grinned ear to ear in the evening light. Minutes later after some soloing up to the top of the liberty bell we were watching the last of the evening light go. We headed up to the pass on Thursday night and slept in the parking lot, a far cry from our Hollywood mansions. After an alpine start at the crack of mid-afternoon, we were trucking up the very frozen wandering trail through the woods. Our objective for the day was to get all 5 towers in a day, something that is not really all that hard but I felt like doing it and actually persuaded another person into it. When we busted out of the trees I had a rumbling in my stomach most likely caused from the 7 trips to the buffet in an eating contest the day before. Knowing my previous days situation I grabbed a load of butt wipe beforehand. When the time was right and I found that perfect place, I mentioned I needed to drop the cosby’s off at the pool. Then he said it, the words nobody in the woods want to hear. “O, you got some papers, can I have some?” NOOOO, my rations have just been split in half, and I ate my body weight the day before and combined with the PBR,s on the drive up it wasn’t going to be pretty. As I leaned on the big rock (yes, the one the trail comes out at) I knew is was going to be about as pretty as Rosie O’Donnell in the morning. I once again looked at my meager rations and assessed the situation. The snow was bulletproof and the trees were spruce, I was going to have to tough it out. I thought I had her covered but I feel like ripping of my fingernails even now. Higher up the mountain we were at the base of the SW rib on SEWS freshies covered the ground and it was even slightly snowing a tad. Christian Slater led the sweet hand crack nicely considering how fucking cold it was out. Seconding it led to the same results, freezing hands, who would have figured that out? Higher up we top out and think about the new movie contract, hot shots part VI. We scoped the main route on NEWS on the way up and it had snow in the roof/dihedral and kind of didn’t want to play there. So we were going to rap off the north side of the SEWS into the notch and do a route there, sounds simple, ha. We rapped into the unknown abyss to a spot at the end of the rope. We found a horn and Christian Slater came down and pulled the rope, commitment level high, just like in my movie Heat. I spied 2 horns we could sling and as I was prepping it and set the rope on it I had a bad feeling. I tested it vigorously with no movement, just as I put weight on it, I tested it with an all out shoulder blow, at which the fat bitch broke and shifted. That sucks, we set another solid rap and I head on down. Over the edge was like looking into the depths of hell. Slightly overhung and smooth as that shit of mine from the morning. The rope hung in space about 60 feet off the deck and there was nothing to set up another rap. There was a horn about 30 feet left that would have required a huge penji but our anchor was VERY one directional, and that direction headed the same was as his career after his part in the movie robbing hood, straight DOWN. Anything sideways would have surely yanked her down. I hang out for a bit and make haste up back up to the anchor. We decided that we were fucked and climb out. The route was filled with everything for a fun adventure, snow, ice, overhangs, Richard Simmons, wet rock and bad acting. Nick was leading us out of the mighty frozen over hellhole with nothing between us but a yellow alien at my eyelevel and lots Bling-Bling between us. Just as he was stemming off some ice with some other ice and placing some 3.5 camalot in ice some ice gave away and he yelled “@#%$ ^%%$ #@#& @&@ &@@#%& ^%& !*&* @@!” followed by a lot of icy words. A little bit later we busted an icy move with some ice and froze our icy nutsies off, did I mention the route was cold? We busted the top basked in the sun and ate tuna with whale nut and nuttey bars. We said fuck the goal for today and let’s just do whatever is good for our movie star complexions and stay on the south sunny faces. We were soon on the south face of concord and busted a move to the final traverse pitch with the sweet top out. I had done this one before and knew it was fun as shit so I told Christian Slater to pump up the volume and hit her in the shitter. The shadows were getting long and we bounced down the raps to the Becky route start. Cold ass pitches led to the top and Val Kilmer and Christian Slater were soon at the top of the liberty bell. Just then, I got a message on my 2-way pager, it was my girlfriend Annabelle Bond. Coincidentally, she was on another peak halfway around the world called Everest, and closing in on the summit. She said she was tired of “all these dirty Mexicans” and can’t wait to feel my throbbing meat whistle again. She was feeling great about her trip though. She said with this one Mexican over there, sherpa Lopsang Nhiner Inshe’s she had a good chance at another summit and he can really throw his weight around. So looks like they will get more than Everest and he is a strong climber I guess. After that, we rapped down and descended to the car, passing this large rock that smelled like shit, must have been some deer or a bear there a moment ago. Soon after, a personal goal of mine was fulfilled and I am now able to sleep at night. We made it EXACTY to the parking lot, not 100 yards down the road like normal. We go to klipspun campground and make a fire with all the free wood. Make some chilly then feed the deer with the remains, then throw rocks at them for target practice. We were planning on doing the liberty crack the next day but after freezing our asses off we call our agents and they decided that it would be in our best interest to climb cutthroat peak. The next day we take off in the truck and we are heading the wrong way out, I mention this to the chauffer but he laughs, stops, and picks up a can of shit covered rags and gets back in the car. What the fuck I said as I try to breathe through my mouth so I don’t smell the shit. Turns out Christian Slater didn’t find the open shitter and shit next to it. Karma got even that day though because after laughing his ass of at me the previous day with the previous fate, he got his. But to improve his odds at an Emmy, he picked up his litter and transported it to a dumpster; unfortunately that transporter was in the cup holder between us. So we load up our dressing room once again at the crack of mid-afternoon and are soon slogging through waist deep slush for a ways and then some. With the Oscar awards coming soon we realized we had no idea where the routes were so we just looked for something obvious, like fake tits on Pamela Anderson, we were drawn to a sweet route. Nice choss pitch after nice choss pitch we make it to the headwall and sign contracts up that shit. After more tuna and nut we see how far you can flick ladybugs and we spy the obvious decent route which makes a sweet fast descent by sliding on our precious and insured Hollywood asses. Soon after we were drinking fine expensive PBR’s waiting for the screen actor’s gild to call for a movie deal. Last I heard, they wanted to make a movie about the experience. They were trying to get Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen as our climbing doubles and it is going to be produced and directed by Michael Jackson. It will be called “Touching the Boys.” Gear Notes: Gay-tors Nutter Bars 2-way Guidebook Brains Approach Notes: up
  20. annabelle is going for it

    what about penthouse 7? I would by 2 copys.
  21. Cant get the pics to work at all? there is some in the gallery tho!
  22. good jokes?

    A man goes to see his psychiatrist dressed in nothing but saran-wrap. The psychiatrist says "well i can clearly see your nuts"
  23. Hand Jammies

    Hand jammies == Gay power
  24. best of cc.com photos of Really Big Housecats

    how about the new fad. bonsai kittens
  25. What happened to this guy?

    this guy knows a thing or two about getting shot with a nail gun.