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  1. Immunizations

    I just got my immu package, hep A and B, and typfoid and consultation for $140. the consultation is actually pretty sweet, i walked out of there with a folder of information about the country. pluss they give you prescriptions for just about anything i wanted to take. i went to the county health department and it went pretty easy.
  2. Where have all the Alaskan Photographers gone?

    Sweet pics. Powerline pass valley is one of the sweetes places to be on a day like that, fresh snow and closed to snowmachiners.
  3. Zion

    im heading to zion on the 6th for a short trip then i will be there the whole month of may when i go on unemployment. already lined out for this next weekend but looking for partners for may.
  4. The Snugtop Advice Column

    I am trying to have a threesome with 2 girls! I have done the all the hard work of finding another girl that is down with that, now how do i convince my girlfriend? sinceerly, Deez Nuts
  5. Cordillera Blanca

    Just picked up tickets for 650.US. on American Airlines the whole way. watching the tickets frequently i noticed they jump around day to day almost. just have to be ready to by when you think they are lowest i guess. as for storing your stuff at your hotel do you have to be paying for a room while you are gone on a trip or do they just stash it in the back for whenever you return and stay there again for a few days?
  6. Cordillera Blanca

    is there any place that you can get a locker or some kind of safe storage place for gear you wont need for a certain climb? i want to go as light as possible heading down there and stuff but i want to have a change of street clothes and a couple cases of cliff bars and such that i dont need to drag up some valley for days?
  7. Larrabee State PArk

    To find the guidebook, go the the library, they have about three of them there in the local section. it is a little yellow (i belive) paperback.
  8. this suks

    when dirtbag climbers meet the californa porn industry
  9. Budweisers B^E energy drink!

    went to the budwisers beer tour on saturday here in cali and it was fucking gay! they had this new energy drink with alcohol and caffeen and ginsing and junk. tasted like a redbull/gatoraide/winecooler. i had a hard time finishing just one when they handed me another. when i told them that it is going to be the next crystal pepsi, they got all pissy. as for the tour it was stupid too, it was like 6 grade, watching "Ann of Green Gables" all over again. they sit your down in a room and play 2 movies then give you stickers. ended up getting pretty caned off natty ice though. Moral of the story, keep drinking and energy drinks seperate.
  10. What Did You Do This Weekend?

    went to the coast to check out all the betties! about a half hour drive.
  11. Flying to AK with skis

    if your using them for just aproaches and such in the alaska range, most people take just there bindings up there, go to play it again sports, buy a 5 dollar pair of PRE's, walk acrost the street to AMH and mount there bindings. then, you can go to climbs like whe full west rib or the cassin where you carry over, take your bindings off, keep them and toss the skis into a crevass. then down the west rib. if you actually want to ski, then you should bring your own. i have had 4 at a time in a ski bag moving back up there for the summer and they didnt really care. one time it was soo heavy i had to go behind the counter and lift it on myself (i got a really big ski bag) and they ddnt charge me extra or anything.
  12. Dirtbag Tm?

    yea, you can trademark a common word. Cannondale bikes trademarked the term Free-ride when talking about biking there is a traveling show that couldnt use the term freeride so they are now the Flo-riders. what would the guy sue you for anyways, cant get anything if you dont have anything, right?
  13. I popped my Cherryoke!

    i gost got super drunk in eastern Wyoming last week and at 1am lost a pool bet and sang what ever the bartenter lady played for me. it was "I stroke it" by clarence carter. there i was, drunk and stupid with a bar full of cowboys that wanted to kick my ass singing "i stroke it to the left, i stroke it to the right, i stroke it to the woman that i love best" it wasent pretty but it beat the time at levenworth in the PO when we had the "person that dosent sing whatever the other chooses, buys ALL the beer for the night" when i sang Madonas "Like a Virgin" and "I touch myself" yea, i am done with Karokee forever. untill i start drinking....
  14. What'd Ya Get?

    A check engine light AND a loose wheel bearing at the absolute furthest place you can be from absolutly anything in the middle of nowhere at the end of a 50 mile 4X4 trail cominng back from some slot canyons at lake powell. PLUS 30 or more watercrossings where i had to break the ice up before jumping in. and i got a jacket.
  15. Moses, on the Alaska highway

    there is this crazy guy up in alaska that walks his bike from anchorage to the canadian border (about 400 miles) then turns around and goes back. the thing is he carries all his stuff in his pockets of his 10+ layers of jackets and pants. the first time i saw him we were amazed at what the fuck this 400 pound dude was doing in the middle of nowhere at 10 below zero with a bike. then a few months later driving back we saw him again. turns out the local paper did a writeup on him and he is pretty smart guy just a few beers short of a six pack.
  16. your worst job interview?

    i just had one 2 weeks ago in front of a board of 8, pretty scarry when they go around each asking questions and "hypothetical questions." i didnt even expect to get it though, wasent really that intrested anymore bieng that i applied for it about 9 months ago. must have done pretty good though, got offered the job a week later, but ended up turning it down because if i took it, pretty much the last 3 years of my work was for nothing at all.
  17. What're Ya Reading Now?

    penthouse.... for the pictures of course!
  18. Would you prefer to live in Boise or Salt Lake?

    the best part of SLC is you can bike to the crags from most of the southern end of the valley, and good crags, LCC, BCC, fergison, Bells, etc. then when you get more than a few days free you can hit grand titon, moab, zion, colorado natl monument, and more and more. boise is in the flat farmlands, and it stinks like cows all the time. both places have lots of honeys, and some are mormons too but it isnt that bad though here, especially for bieng the fertil land of wives and children. just remember the rule of thumb in utah, "if they smoke, the poke." the drinking isnt that bad. they are getting rid of the merberships at the clubs here pretty soon too. and if your really serious about drinking evanston is only like 60 miles away but wyoming kinda spendy on the green bottles. if you come to be a utard though, i will share in the homebrew and shine if you drop me a line.
  19. Desert Solitare

    the worst part of that one pic of it getting dark was that it was blowing 40 to 50 constantly. because it was gettin dark, we decided to say fuck it and not holster the rope and rap with it, so within secondes of tossing it, they were completly horizontal in the wind, then wrapped around the tower. that is the last time i rush something like that.
  20. Alaska Stoke

    Just gota brag about how good things are up there. This peak was literaly a 4 mile bike ride from my house . there is stuff like this that has never seen ascents that would be 4stars here. The rock is chossy as hell but in the winter it is all frozen and takes pins great. The red lines are two routes i have done on it on that side and there is some M6 on the black vertical looking section between them called hookers. This is also the site of a college outdoor class fall in like 97ish, 12 or so people fell and 2 died. it was in the main chute where that happend, which is also a year round ski run. Anyways, couldnt hold back. props to micahmcguire from rc.com, he took the photo.
  21. What did you do this weekend?

    desert splitters and towers for 6 days straight only to find out i am not leaving for my work again till after laborday. so, daily granite till then. every day has been sunny and high 70, low 80's.
  22. favorite bumper stickers of all time?

    i am sporting that one now actually, i can send one or more to anyone that wants them. some favs. WWJD for a Klondike Bar ................................. Nuke the Unborn Gay Whales. ........................................ Save us from Save our Canyons
  23. Did you go to the tippy-top? if so, did you happen to see a nut tool with a biner on it??? i am just curios as to how and where it disapered. the last time i remember using it was on the top of that peak like a month ago for the Uber-Cliche eating tuna with a nut tool! i am man, hear me roar. i know what you mean about the chossy goodness, i was doing this chimney and i couldnt find a good handhold, so i picked one up and moved it to where it would be easier.
  24. Lightning

    Try again, Sparky! 3.8L/G