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  1. I am selling a pair of G12 New matic crampons. I've had these for about 2yrs and they've been invaluable. Unfortunately, these just don't cut it on steeper ice so I've been using my M10 more. Price is $90 dollars or OBO.
  2. Index Fund Update

    That's what parents are for.
  3. Conditions of Yocum Ridge

    A partner and I are looking to do Yocum Ridge. Has anyone been up in that area recently? If so how does it look?
  4. Trip: Fu** WA I am going to Iceland - The cardinal directions Date: 2/16/2010 Trip Report: Seeing as the ice kind of blows in WA this season, I decided to schedule a ten day trip to Iceland. The locals said it was a bad "ice" season in Iceland. By taking a look at the following pictures I am sure you'll agree with me that they are full of shit. Day 1. Rappelling off a two pitch WI3. We only did two pitches because we didn't get there until later and I was hung over from the night before. Day 2. No ice here. I'll just mosey on over to this awesome and beautiful WI4 to gain access to.... this bad boy amphitheater. Due to lack of time and testicular fortitude, we weren't able to tackle the headwall. Instead we busted out left and did a WI4 that had the consistency of a snow cone on a hot summers day and this.... And the Lord said there would be frozen turf and hollow ice and it was good (actually it was scary run out so much for the infallibility of God) I also did a day trip outside of Reykjavik. Surprising there was very little ice outside of Reykjavik except for this.... And a little of this... and a little of this to top it off Lessons learned from Iceland: 1) The hotness of the women is a little overstated. That isn't to say there isn't a lot of attractive blond women there. I just think you'd find the same amount, fake and real, of attractive women in any metropolitan city Seattle included. 2) The national Icelandic drink, Brennivin, taste like paint thinner ergo it tastes like shit. Drink at your own risk. 3) Their "bad" ice season is better then Washington and Oregon and any of the other 48 states not names CO, MT, or NH ice season. 4) They really like automatic sliding doors. Gear Notes: Tools, ice screws, snowshoes,ropes, crampons, and box of condoms Approach Notes: No what so ever. All the approaches were less then 30mins and access is a none issue in Iceland just be nice to the land owner and pack your shit(trash) out.
  5. Good call. Sorry all you Wyominglites. Wyoming does have a ton of awesome ice.
  6. Pictures look awesome. Say hi to V for me when you get a chance.
  7. Vertfest 2010 is coming back to Alpental and Friends of the Northwest Avalanche Center need your help to make it happen. The Where, What, and When: On March 6, we will need 15 people to be gatekeepers for the Rando Races at Alpental. You will need to be there from 830am-300pm and dress warmly because you’ll be outside on the course. Here is what we give to you: Beer at the after party, a free lift ticket for the day and an additional one for later use, a grab bag of sweet sweet shwag, and a warm fuzzy feeling inside for helping a good cause!!! Interested/Questions: Contact Jeremy: jeremyp@orgear.com
  8. Redpoint Climbers Supply of Smith Rock Robbed

    Has anyone checked e-bay?
  9. Iceland Anyone?

    Tickets are super cheap and so is lodging. I hope to go out there and ice climb/ski but do some cultural, read party like a rock star, as well. My plan is to fly out around Feb 16th and head back around the 26th. Most of the time we will be doing day trips outside of Reykcik but I also plan on checking out the Iceland ice festival Feb 21-23rd. Anyone game?
  10. I plan on fly into Denver Feb 7th to do some ice climbing in Ouray. The only problem is I need to find a ride to Ouray from Denver. I am willing to pitch in gas money, etc...Let me know if you are interested.
  11. 2009/2010 Washington Ice

    Hubba Hubba left is in nice and fat. The first pitch is WI2 while the second is a fun WI3. Just bring some rock gear for the second pitch to protect the snow cover rock top section.
  12. Iceland Anyone?

    Tickets have been purchased!!!!I am heading out to iceland feb 16th-26!!! If you'd like to join me let me know. I only paid $500 for my ticket and that included cancellation insurance.
  13. Iceland Anyone?

    Six to seven hrs worth form what I've been told. I just of the phone with some one that goes every year and he says it is amazing. It think I going to purchase my tickets tomorrow. Still have to figure out how long but I am thinking 10-15 days and run the trip until the end of the month.
  14. Iceland Anyone?

    I am looking for climbing partners to go to Ireland with me late Feb. See attached pictures and let the drooling commence http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/ivarfinn/Veturinn0910# http://arnarogberglind.smugmug.com/2010/canadadry/10852400_NuBVc#757020918_nQpC9 Feel free to pm if interested
  15. Iceland Anyone?

    If you are still on the fence hear are some pictures to wet your appetite. http://picasaweb.google.co.uk/ivarfinn/Veturinn0910# http://arnarogberglind.smugmug.com/2010/canadadry/10852400_NuBVc#757020918_nQpC9
  16. Iceland Anyone?

    Tickets are around 500 hundo and I found a couple of packages for airfare, lodging, car rental, and bfast for 950. Of course the lodging would be split in half unless course one of use got lucky with the beautiful blond in which case one of us would be sleeping in the hallway.
  17. Trip: Mt. Rainier Area - Skookum Falls-Center/Right Date: 12/14/2009 Trip Report: Dane and myself decided to check out Skookum Falls and see what it looked like. Boy what a treat. The falls where completely in which allowed us to actually climb WA ice for the first time of the season. Here are the pitch notes and pictures P1:Started center right climbing WI3 to a ledge about 50m up. P2:Kept in the center of the route and climbed hero ice, WI3, about 30m. P3:At this point we traversed right because their was still significant water coming down the center of the fall. This was the crux of the route. 15m of solid WI4+, with the emphasis on solid the ice was rock hard, led to a ramp and 45m of easier climbing, WI2/3. P4:A short pitch but not to be taken lightly. Pick your way through hollow and mushroom ice to the top of the falls (5m). From a here a short vertical section of ice,rock, and turf(4m) leads to easier ground and tree belay at the top. Two happy campers on top of pitch 2: Me finishing up pitch 3: Top of pitch 4: Frozen Turf/Log Crossing decent: Quick note about the decent: The WA Ice guide suggests rapping from trees. I spotted a gully climbers right. A little frozen turf down climbing, I suggest keeping your crampons on, got us back to the trail without even taking out a rope. With out snow this decent is far easier then repelling. Plus you get to check out some scary/cool ice lines on the right side of the gully. Gear Notes: 4 14inch screws 4 16inch screws Cordage and spare runners especially if you plan on rapping. Approach Notes: The first section of river we were able to throw a log over and cross. This gets you to the island. From the island head up stream, climbers left, until you see the ice damn/frozen logs. I suggest you grab a stick for balance and throw on your crampons cause falling in the river is not an option here. PS: Our first log crossing was destroyed by some rednecks while we were climbing, a pox on those bastards. On the way out we just hope/jumped through this section of the river as it is pretty shallow. I suggest some one grab a BFL, big fucking log, and rebuild this crossing if you head out there.
  18. Weird I thought I posted it. Here is the overall.
  19. [TR] Big Four - Dry Creek 12/11/2009

    Looks like things went well, Erin. Glad to see you guys had success.
  20. Signatures Ski Movie

    Come down to the OR Retail Store as we host Signatures ski movie Dec 10th and 11th. This movie by Sweetgrass Productions gets to the soul of back country and features board, ski's, noboard, and drop knee. Tickets are $10.00 and all proceeds from the event go towards Friends of the Northwest Avalanche Center. Snacks and refreshments are provided and there will be raffle both nights. Doors open at 630pm with the movie starting at 7pm. For advanced tickets sales call the OR Store at: 206-971-1496. Hurry tickets are selling fast. Sorry no RSVPs. Address: 2203 1st Ave S Seattle,WA
  21. Route Conditions on Colfax

    Anyone have an idea on what it looks like?
  22. Come get your climb on!!!! While helping raise funds for Index Town Wall. The comp will start at 530pm and end at 830pm. The contestant that climbs the most boulder problems takes home the SHWAG. A slide show/raffle will follow presented by a mystery guest and friendly libations (read: beer) will flow to all who meet the requisite age (21yrs). The comp fee is $30 and all the proceeds from the comp and raffle go towards the Index Fund. Questions? Call Stone Garden at 206-781-9828 or check out the website at www.stonegardens.com for more details.
  23. Climb-A-Thon Fund Raiser for Index

    A bio on Steve, the slide show presenter, was done in the last edition of Climbing Mag. Here is the link if you want to check it out: http://www.climbing.com/community/perspective/steve_swenson/