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  1. I'm selling a pair of lightly used Five Guide Tennies, size 44, and Scarpa Zen's, size 43 1/2, for $50 and $65. PM me if you are interested.
  2. Trip: Snow Creek Wall - HYPERSPACE Date: 7/6/2010 Trip Report: (When reading this trip report it helps to imagine a monster truck rally announcers voice. That is all) HYPERSPACE HYPERSPACE HYPERSPACE....You've gone to ORBIT and you've experienced the gripping terror of going to OUTER SPACE but have you experienced the Astroman of Washington HYPERSPACE!!!! (Hyperspace is in the shadowed corner) PITCH 1: Starts Remorsefully and sees you shooting into Outer Space. PITCH 2: Two variations present themselves. You can either experience the EXTREME pinky and ring finger locks of Psychopath(11a) or enjoy the bolt protected/hidden crack out left(8+). Either way prepare to go beyond Outer Space to HYPERSPACE HYPERSPACE HYPERSPACE!!!! (Psychopath variation 11a) PITCH 3: Prepare for your trip to HYPERSPACE by climbing cracks to the left of two roofs (5.9). Belay on top of large detached block (It's actually the second roof you climb around....scary isn't it) PITCH 4: Climb the layback/broken flakes (10b) until able climb around a corner to a hanging slab where two options present themselves. Option 1: Juggy and slightly overhanging 11b/c (Think sport climbing except you are placing gear. A lot of fun if you can handle the EXTREMENESS of it) Option 2: Go across hanging slab to layback (10c) and awkward/vegetated climbing. Either option takes good gear. PITCH 5: YOUR FINAL CHOICE!!!! Either continue shooting into HYPERSPACE HYPERSPACE HYPERSPACE or go right towards the bolt (Iconoclast 10c) If shooting into Hyperspace is your choice continue laybacking to the EXTREME knob step over(height dependent) allows you to step left around a arete. Climb around the last guardian THE TREE OF DEATH and belay to the left of a large chimney system. (The start of pitch 5 layback. Notice how extreme I look. Notice the guardian to the upper left. You can almost sense hyperspace COMING!!!) PITCH 6: HYPERSPACE BEGINS!!!! Two crack systems present themselves. Eventually you want to end up in the right crack system as the left one ends up in a pricker bush...uggg. Chimney moves bring you to the CHAMBER (can you feel the pressure? I know could). Awkward offwidth moves (Book says 10d but the book is full of shit) brings you to face holds in the corner which allow you to reach really really far around the right corner to a hidden finger crack and layback ( You may need some aid for this section or in my case a lot of aid). A couple of wild stemming moves allow you to gain access to a layback corner(10a). After 20ft take a hidden foot leg and build a sketchy belay at a hollow detached flake( a couple of nuts and .5 C4) or continue along footleg until able to access better gear but more awkward belay to the left(Read: hanging and uncomfortable). (On top of the pressure chamber) PITCH 7: Climb cracks at the end of the foot ledge until able to pull a short roof (one 10a move) and easier climbing to the top. PITCH 8: To finish your hyperspace experience you must do a funky dance like this guy. to this song (DISCLAIMER: All descriptions in this trip report are subjective and up to the authors' interpretation of the events. Also, the author of this trip report makes no claims to whether or not the climbing beta was obtained in "one" trip. Don't believe me....Here's a picture of the author: DOES this look like some one that knows what they are doing? Gear Notes: Double sets of C3's and C4 up to #3. Blake Herrington also has a great route description here: http://www.mountainproject.com/v/washington/leavenworth/icicle_creek/106279399 I disagree with him on a few points but for the most part this is right on. Approach Notes: Approach as for Snow Creek Wall
  3. Guide Tennies and Zen's for Sale

    Zens are sold
  4. Size 3.5 AND 3 cam-a-lots for sale

    A request for pictures has been made. Some pictures for your viewing enjoyment. PS: I apologize about the crappy quality. I'm taking pics with my phone
  5. Guide Tennies and Zen's for Sale

    Tennies have been sold. Zen's are still available
  6. Check out cool reviews from me and my bro at http://trucreviews.blogspot.com/
  7. Index Fund Update

    Hey CC, Thanks to everyone's support at events, slide shows, paypal, and the climb-a-thon the Washington Climbers Coalition has been able to raise over 160k towards the our original goal of 300k. This means we have 10 short months to raise the last 140k towards the purchase and upkeep of Index Lower Town Wall. To make a last second push towards our goal, the WCC has teamed up with IDeology Design Firm to present gifts to people who make a 50 or 300 hundred dollar donation through the link below. Index Fund Donation
  8. Check out this website for mine and my partners reviews on everything from climbing shoes and packs to motorcycles and camp toasters!!!!!
  9. Lost gear on hyperspace

    Attempted hyperspace last week and ended up having to bail due to time. We headed up there yesterday and finished the route but saw that our gear had been sagged. Most of it was right below the pressure chamber and included 2 #1 cam's, a .4 cam, a .75 cam, and a #2 C3. I'd love to get this gear back because it is worth a lot. Please contact me if found. Thanks again.
  10. Lost gear on hyperspace

    There's always a good story. Rapping an old aid line in the dark called Galaxy. Rapping off old pitons that you can remove by hand. I'd say that constitutes a good story. If you want a success story check my trip report for Hyperspace the next week when we went back to complete the route and retrieve our gear.
  11. [TR] Ptarmigan Ridge, Mt. Rainier - 7/18/2010

    Awesome trip report. I especially like the commentary
  12. Lost gear on hyperspace

  13. [TR] Snow Creek Wall - HYPERSPACE 7/6/2010

    Yes, it is the usual suspect. PS: We lost some gear up there. If any knows some one that did the route the week before we did ask them if they found any gear up there.
  14. Looking to sell my barely used Guide Tennie size 10.5. I used these a couple of times decided they weren't what I wanted. $50.00 make you hollar
  15. gear to be returned to friends of jeremy park

    Hey Dave, Sorry it took so long for me to get back. I am not sure where you live but it might be easiest to just drop it off at the OR store with my name on it. If that doesn't work give me a call at 406-270-3157 and we'll talk about a time/place we can exchange the equipment. Thanks again for the help retrieving the gear for my friends
  16. Outdoor Research Retail Store is hosting a showing of Big UP Productions: Progression, June 10th at 6pm. Tickets are $10 dollars and include, a 25% off coupon for one full priced OR item, a raffle ticket, and snacks/refreshments. Proceeds from the raffle and ticket sales will be donated to HERA: Womens Cancer Foundation. For details or advanced ticket sales call the store at 206-971-1496. Sorry No RSVP. OR Retail Store 2203 1st Ave S Seattle, WA 98134
  17. I'd like to give a shout out to Black Diamond. They totally hooked us up with a Speed 4o Lite backpack, Cosmo headlamp and mountain trekking poles for our raffle. Way to go BD.
  18. Here are just a few of the items we'll be raffling off for this event: MSR Whisperlite Stove Moving Comfort Sports Bra Tikka 2 Smartwool Socks and Apparel OR Apparel Deuter Packs and much more....
  19. I'd like to thank the following companies for donating raffle items to our event. Petzl Deuter Outdoor Research Moving Comfort Smartwool Nikwax Cascade Designs
  20. OR Advance Bivy for Sale

    I am looking to sell my Outdoor Research Advanced Bivy. I bought it a couple of years ago and ended up only using it once on Rainier. Since then it has sat underneath my bed collecting dust. Looking for $100 dollars. Below is a link to OR's website so you can take a look at it. If you need a picture I can provide one but it really has only been used that one time and never again so it is like new condition. http://www.outdoorresearch.com/site/advanced_bivy.html
  21. OR Advance Bivy for Sale

    Let me know when that is. At this point no one else has expressed interest in it so you are at the top of the list.
  22. OR Advance Bivy for Sale

  23. For more information about HERA check out their website at: http://www.herafoundation.org/