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  1. Lost BlueTCU

    I lost a blue TCU on Princely Ambitions on 8/29/06. I tried lowering to retreive but it started raining so I couldn't get it. If found please e-mail
  2. I will doing a road trip across the great west and I am looking for a partner. I will be leaving Portland on Labor to head to Smith Rock from the 4th-9th. Then it is on to City of Rocks from the 10th-14th. Then to SLC for Climb4thecure until the 17th. I will not be coming back to portland so you will need to find your own way home but the dates and places are up for discussion up until the 12th when I have to meet some friends in City of Rocks....If you are interested please e-mail me ASAP
  3. I am heading up to Squamish and looking for some one to come with me to offset the cost of gas. I already have a partner but it is pretty easy to find a partner up there from the bulletin board. I am looking to leaving at around 7pm friday night and return later in the afternoon on Sun. If interested please call me at 406-270-3157
  4. Red Rocks Climbing Trip

    I am looking for some one to partner with me for a climbing trip to Red rocks, NV....I will be going from the Dec 26th-Jan3 and will be leaving to begin my trip from Portland Oregan. Please e-mail me if interested
  5. Red Rocks Climbing Trip

    I have actually already been talking to him
  6. I am putting together a road trip to City of Rocks May 20th-24th. If you are interested in going go ahead and contact me via cc e-mail. After City of Rocks I plan on going to Joe's Valley for a couple of days, Colorado National Monument, and Colorado Springs to climb and I would sure love some company on the trip.
  7. Road Trip to City of Rocks

    Cool thanks for the beta
  8. City of Rocks, ID Climbing Trip *DELETED*

    Sorry of posting this again
  9. Any Paddlers Out There?

    I know I will probably take some grief for posting this but I am looking for people that want to do some whitewater canoeing. I am an intermediate paddler and I have my own PFD, spray jacket, helmet, and paddle
  10. I just moved to the Washington area from Colorado and I am looking for a partner. I climb 5.6-5.7 on trad lead comfortable, and 5.9-5.10 on sport. I am new to the area and I am looking for an intermediate climber to show me around and help me improve my lead climbing skills.
  11. Looking for climbing Partner

    Does the 100 dollars include a shift kick in the nuts since I am not using them anyways? btw I am still looking for a partner if anyone is interested
  12. Looking for climbing Partner

    I wish I could go this weekend but my girlfriend, in her infinite wisdom, decided that we need to go see the rents this weekend.