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  1. What is Bad in Life?

  2. What Is Good In Life?

    Sharing trail mix Driving 90mph at 2am getting to the TH High fives at the belays and hugs on the summit Hearing/saying "good lead" from/to my partner Friendships Memories Friends controling the temperature and music volume on the late night drive home so you don't fall asleep
  3. They all subaru's? I see, must be great to get gear cheap/free. Was interested in the bivy, but that gone...oh well
  4. You are monopolizing this thread!!! How did you end up with all this stuff?
  5. OK...Let's hear

    Rope; that false sense of security.
  6. Alpine or trad anytime next two weeks???

    Might want to consider this for the Boston Basin area peaks..... This is from the J-Berg post by Alex: The Cascade River road is gated at MP 18 as of 10-6-03 (today!) for road maintenance. Have fun!
  7. Red Rocks, NV

    Thanks Jason and Led Hed.