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  1. TRs: Valuable or chestbeating fodder

    I personally enjoy reading TRs. I find most of them fun, informative and inspirational. Thanks everyone for sharing your experiences.
  2. climbing this weekend?

    Bouldering at Santee, though some pebbles have been smoked by the recent fires. Weather looks great.
  3. Ice Cream

    So I make this 3-layer ice cream the other night. Come home yesterday and find my hubby with his stoogies from work eating the whole thing. Bastards!!!
  4. Ice Cream

    Actually, I am secretly hoping for them to spend the entire work day on a shitter for what they did. They deserve it!!!
  5. Ice Cream

    Nope, too warm for either outfit down here
  6. Yoga

    i do practice at home myself but i do like to take a class once a week or so. helps keep the form up. tv and yoga don't go! Nope they don't, I agree. But neither does, for instance, driving a car to the yoga class. I have books, taken classes and practice on my own, but when I practice on my own, I find it very helpful to listen to instructions. You don't want TV to be involved, don't watch just listen to the audio.
  7. Yoga

    I have a tape.. but I think it would be nice to get some corrections.... For sure Muffy, that is the biggest drawback
  8. Yoga

    What do you guys and gals think about Yoga tapes? I personally like it, have a decent collection for the sake of variety. It is a cheap alternative to formal classes...
  9. tough choice?

    Why? Someone must have been holding her at gunpoint. Otherwise, I can't explain why she would have even begin to ponder on this horrible choice.
  10. tough choice?

    Geez, this is way too deep. I am already having hard time just deciding what to have for lunch today. Should it be salad, or would sandwich be a better choice for Monday? But then again, I really enjoy a good bowl of soup. Hmm,
  11. Semi Trucks

    I agree, but at least one of them probably transported all the you are enjoying right now
  12. AT boots and bindings recommendations?

    Boots: I agree with russ on trying as many boots as you can to find the prefect fit. What is a good boot for one maybe uncomfortable for someone else. Bindings: Also consider how easy is to add accessories. You mention that you want to ski 45 degree or steeper hard slopes. Crampons maybe neccessary for ya then for the approach. I am very happy with my Fritschi Diamir Titanal as I can just snap on the crampons or breaks (for the DH) without using any tools. That's my 2 cents in. Hope it helps.
  13. How many skis do you have?

    3 pairs: 1. AT 2. Alpine 3. Nordic XC, those that you have to wax, and that require you to wear tight spandex outfit
  14. AT skis on the lifts?

    Must be a pair similar to my 11-year-old straight Head skis that I learnt how to ski on....Make sure that you wear old duct-taped pants and a jacket, and people will start offering you gas money to get home from the hill. Worked almost every time...
  15. i'm a...

    Spelling like spelling. It is the incoherent thought process that should make one worry LOL
  16. Bored?

    My favorite thus far
  17. i'm a...

    Are you drinking?
  18. i'm a...

    That makes you a delirious butterfly I am ME.
  19. I shouldn't even be walking

    Ouch. That sucks. Hope you hear better news. Take it easy for now...
  20. SAN/LAX Climbers

    Anyone living in the San Diego/LAX area and want to climb? Please PM me. Thanks
  21. Favorite climbing book?

    Shisha Pangma--Scott and MacIntyre The Last River--Balf (though not a climbing book, it is an awesome white water kayak epic read)
  22. Red Rocks, NV

    Been thinking about planning a trip to Red Rocks. For those of you experienced and familiar with the area, would you say that routes like Cat in the Hat 5.6, Olive Oil 5.7 and Tunnel Vision 5.7 would be appropriate for a person with 1-year lead experience? I am getting comfortable leading trad 5.8 but that is up here in WA. Have been getting different opinions about rating being much tougher down south. Also, I have not done anything longer than 4 pitches. I know the climbing will be challenging, but don't want to do something to scare myself to death and thus put an end to my short-lived leading career. Any thoughts, input would be greatly appreciated. Thank you.
  23. Zodiac Trip Report (very long)

    Well done Will!!!