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  1. question Metolius Freerider pack?

    Mountain Equipment Co-op (MEC) recently redid their climbing packs and a crag pack. If you are passing through Vancouver or something it could be worth a look. I wasn't in the market at the time but I fondled a couple packs in the store in Victoria and the crag pack looked burley (for not being a haul bag material pack).
  2. [TR] Gunn Peak - Barclay Creek route 7/15/2017

    Nice TR and way to get back at it after the first time!
  3. Last minute but worth a try, anyone wanna get out tomorrow (Sunday)? I'm up for most anything but probably clipping bolts is easiest. 20+ years experience, plenty of gear, probably only leading 10ish trad or 10+ sport right now but happy to follow harder or ropegun for you! Hit me up via pm with your number if you are interested. I'd just like to get out, even if it's only a half day. Cheers, Stewart
  4. [TR] Forbidden - North Ridge 7/9/2017

    DPS for the thread win!
  5. [TR] Lower Doublet - Line of Constant Sorrow 7/1/2017

    That looks great! I wanna go there!
  6. [TR] Mt Constance - Finger Traverse 6/11/2017

    Sweet! I've seen that cloudy view a few times, have yet to see from the summit! One of these years I need to go back on a good day!
  7. [TR] Colchuck Peak 5/21/2017

    Thanks for the updates!
  8. [TR] Dragontail Peak - Triple Couloirs 5/2/2017

    Nice work Josh! Always exciting to see how the lake can change over a day huh!
  9. North Fork Sauk FS 49 Access

    Thanks for the update, I was hoping to head in to ski Glacier Peak that way later this spring so hopefully it gets fixed!
  10. Favorite Snack Food while on the Mountain

    Pretty much what everyone else said. I've also had good luck with Gu/energy gels, in limited quantity, at altitude as well. Sometimes when you don't feel like eating but know you need to they easy to choke down. Think about how things will be cold/frozen as well though, for example the plain vanilla powerbar gel worked well for me in Peru, but the chocolate/coffee Clif Shot type ones were too stiff and harder to eat. I like gummy candy/shot bloks too but I did lost a crown off my tooth on a frozen one ice climbing. That sucked. Sometimes high fat things like cocktail pepperoni (Oberto Outlet for big bags cheap) get more appealing on trips than at home, although altitude may make fat harder to digest so maybe best for basecamp.
  11. [TR] Colchuck Peak - NE couloir 4/2/2017

    Nice work! I love the cornice tunnel exit, looks like you had to dig quite a bit!
  12. [TR] Mt. St. Helens - Worm Flows 3/18/2017

    Thanks for the conditions update, sorry you didn't make it up! It's not (likely) going anywhere for a while so you'll get another chance!
  13. WTB double boots sz. 12ish/45.5

    I have some Vasque Ice 9000s (non-plastic double) that I think are around 11.5. 10 yrs old but barely used, I started ski touring around the same time.
  14. Wait, I didn't think those were aid routes? You weren't tryin to free climb now were ya? Hehe! ;-)
  15. WTT: Beer for trashed rigid boots

    I've got a pair of old Sportivas around that size that have been converted to fruit boots if that's what you are going for. Come with Grivel Racing Crampons bolted on so not quite just beer but I'd pass em on for $75 since I never use em.
  16. MODERATORS - Homepage won't load???

    I keep getting this set of errors when I try to get to cascadeclimbers.com. Using both Chrome and IE. It's been going on for at least a week now. :-( Warning: include(/home/climb/cascadeclimbers.com/plab/uploads/14049/help.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/climb/cascadeclimbers.com/index.php on line 3 Warning: include(): Failed opening '/home/climb/cascadeclimbers.com/plab/uploads/14049/help.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/php5/lib/pear') in /home/climb/cascadeclimbers.com/index.php on line 3 Warning: include(/home/climb/cascadeclimbers.com/gear/javascripts/config.php): failed to open stream: Permission denied in /home/climb/cascadeclimbers.com/wp-settings.php on line 239 Warning: include(): Failed opening '/home/climb/cascadeclimbers.com/gear/javascripts/config.php' for inclusion (include_path='.:/usr/local/lib/php:/usr/local/php5/lib/pear') in /home/climb/cascadeclimbers.com/wp-settings.php on line 239 Warning: Cannot modify header information - headers already sent by (output started at /home/climb/cascadeclimbers.com/index.php:3) in /home/climb/cascadeclimbers.com/wp-includes/pluggable.php on line 881
  17. [TR] Mt Shuksan - North Face 4/16/2016

    Cool memories, maybe I'll get on the North Face when the snow settles a bit. Last time I was up there, many years ago, we got lost in the bushes, soaked by torrential rain (and bushes), broke an ice tool trying to chop some firewood, and then bailed like wet rats having never set foot on the face. We were doing it wrong.
  18. Anybody want to get out for what is sure to be an adventure? We're heading to Blewett Pass. Snow will be crappy. Fred is 94. Tour will be very very slow. We probably won't get very far from the car. There will be shouting. Fred specified wanting to use skins and none of those skinny skis (although those might be more appropriate). PM me with your phone number if you can make it..
  19. Monday 2/20 - Ski tour with me and Fred B!

    In classic fashion as usual! I picked up Fred and got some gas and then we hit up the North Bend McDonalds. They have a hard floor and it's a good spot to put on ski boots, also napkins. I had a second breakfast and one of the employees flirted with Fred. Back on the road eventually and we made it to Blewett Pass. Fred complained about not sleeping well and a fall he had recently and decided to nap in the car while I took my dog out for a short ski. Back at the car 45 mins later for food and some of my friends showed up with kids and xc gear. Fred managed to make it out of the car to say hello and be in a couple of pictures but still wasn't up for skiing. The rest of us did another hour up the forest road and back in pleasant snow. We tried to hit up the Washington State Ski and Snowboard Museum at Snoqualmie on the way back but they were closed. So no skiing for Fred, but at least he got his boots on and walked around in the snow for a minute. He seemed happy to get out and wasn't even grumpy about waiting in the car. I hope someone will drive me to the mountains when I'm 94, whether or not I actually get my skis on!
  20. Mount Adams - 2017 South Side Anticipated Access

    Take skis and enjoy the snow! (Or take light trail runners in case you have to road walk). Also a crew of people with shovels can take out a decent road blocking burm in short time if it's only a little ways to dry road and you have chains.
  21. [TR] Tooth - NE Slab 1/28/2017

    Cool, thanks for posting, looks fun!
  22. [TR] Roaring Ridge - North Facing Slopes 1/21/2017

    Where'd you park? Ski area and approach through the nordic area?
  23. WTB BD Rages

    Haha, this is so funnny. Weird, but funny. Oddly I still have my first tools too, but I don't think I'd go to any effort to track them down if I didn't, old heavy straight shafts and all. Is this a thing?
  24. [TR] Chair Peak, WA - NE Buttress winter 1/14/2017

    Nice, sounds like more snow than ice right now!
  25. New climbing Gym in Lacey WA

    Cool, I'll have to check it out next time I get stuck working in Dupont.