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  1. we've got a new page on our site devoted to ice climbing in the Canadian rockies. It's got an area map with links to climbs we've done so far, weather reports, and web cams. We're climbing as fast as we can so the page will grow accordingly in the next few weeks (it is already several climbs behind). Canadian Rockies Ice on ericandlucie.com
  2. Wanted the detail to show. Did not realize it would reformat the entire page . Will use link instead of inserting next time, I guess. Eric.
  3. Hi "Lambone" It was Webster's Smear indeed. When we did it, I though it was something like 3+/4 because of technical steep climbing near the top. But pretty mellow nonetheless. Cool route I thought. Lucie's knee is getting better, thanks! Eric.
  4. Here's a picture of the entire Beer Climb area taken on November 23. Pilsner (left) was in climbable shape but looked hard. We did Carslberg, which was nice and fat. The pillar on Kronenbourg looked too thin to be reasonable at the time (assuming it is ever reasonable...) Eric and Lucie Go check our site here
  5. Hi Guys: this is Eric from ericandlucie.com. Wow! Thanks for the good words. This is indeed living the life!! Glad to see that you are getting something from our site. Just thought I'd answer some questions: 1. We've had comments about our gray background... I know it doesn't work that well on some displays. Works great on our LCD so we never thought about it. Will be a fair amount of work to change now, so it may be a while. 2. Our ropes on the NR of Stuart: we were carrying two doubles (8.5mm by 60m) on the ridge. See the text in the page for the details but we ended up simulclimbing everything but the gendarme on one of those two ropes, doubled over itself. This is much better for simulclimbing compared to climbing 60m apart. If I was to do the ridge again, I'd take just one 1/2 rope and use it doubled over itself for the entire climb, including the gendarme, as the pitches up it are very short (<30m). With our two ropes, Lucie just ended up carrying the second one on her pack for the entire climb...
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