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  1. notable trip [TR] 10 days from Thornton Ck to Big Beaver

    Whoa. I need to visit CC more often...or get a "Crazy Pickets Traverse" RSS feed. Tom and Sean, this was impressive. Well done.
  2. Awesome. Makes me really miss the Pickets. I see Wayne has a show coming up too...hate to miss it.
  3. Stunning!!! Nice job. Brings back great memories.
  4. Another Pickets Question

    Yeah, I can vouch for the Wiley Ridge approach. It's reasonable. Keep in mind that when I say "reasonable", I'm talking "Picket's reasonable". It's still an axe kicker. Long, lots or schwacking (though never heinous), and the routefinding can be tricky. My advice is to study any approach as much as possible...maps, google earth, beta...have a vision in your head before starting.
  5. [TR] Slesse - Northeast Buttress 9/14/2007

    Well, I'll be looking forward to the Pickets Traverse TR. Nice pics!
  6. [TR] Bear Mountain - DNB 7/26/2007

    Kick axe, homes! Impressive !
  7. Oh man, Wayne, you actually did it. I couldn't believe you'd actually go do it when you mentioned it at Colin's slideshow. -TSW
  8. [TR] Mount Terror- North Face 8/18/2006

    It's a great route. You guys smoked it.
  9. first ascent Mt. Moffit, Entropy Wall, First Ascent

    Kick axe. Will be there.
  10. Seeking Assiniboine (N. Ridge) beta

    I just climbed it on 7/25. It's not iced up. I didn't bring crampons. There is snow, but I was able to circumnavigate all of it but one teeny section where I just chopped a single step. I'm guessing it's even easier now. I soloed the entire route and rapped down whenever I could. The nature of the climbed described by folks here is accurate. Have a good time!
  11. Thanks for sharing. Nice TR and pics.
  12. [TR] Eldorado Peak- East Ridge 6/25/2006

    Pictures...who knows when? Maybe tomorrow. Have to drive all the way down to Factoria to get my slides developed. the digital age was upon us years ago, but I continue to play the role of ludite. Video on the way too.