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  1. Squamish Car Break-ins

    yeah, my driver side window was smashed and trunk broken. I won't go back to Squamish until they install the lockers! and I'll stuff everything in there and leave my car absolutely empty and unlocked!!! oh, and if I see you, petty thieves, I'll chop your hands off so you can never steal again.
  2. Squamish Car Break-ins

    Man, I had a great time in Cheakamus until 7:30 on SUN night, right before heading back to home - Car break-in! I had nothing visible in my car, but my Gregory pack, tent, sleeping bags, and other camping gears were in the trunk and all stolen. Went to a police office and an officer told me they had 8 cases of break-ins in the same day!!! When Im camping, I pretty much leave everything at the site. But on the day of departure, I usually packup, get some climbing done, and head back. As far as I know there is no coin lockers where I can put all my shit for a reasonable price. They have to do something about this. Installing a descent number of coin lockers would be a good start...