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  1. I just did this solo in 48 hours, 21 minutes, south to north, no shortcuts or by passes PCT all the way 74 miles. anyone have a better time?
  2. dosewallips to hoh in 4 days

    im going from dosewallips to hoh trailhead in four days via hayden pass lake mills, high divide- should be about 20 miles a day... anything cool to see along the route? never been there before
  3. worst ranger experience?

    i did the backpack from staircase to dosewallips and the ranger told us to put our fire out at anderson shelter because we were over 3500 feet. oooops. he was a nice ranger, but ive run into some mean ones too, what is your worst ranger experience?
  4. Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass PCT Record

    to clarify- i did this trip as a backpack- i started at 2:21 pm from snoqualmie, hiked to about 8:15 at delate creek, then slept, woke up cooked breakfast and walked from 6:16 am till 8:00 pm getting to deception lakes, cooked dinner, slept till 5:30, cooked breakfast and wlked out from 6:00 till about 2:45 pm that day. i think i covered 21 miles the first day, 36.5 the second, and 16.5 the last. i carried 19 lbs at the start, 5.5 lbs food included in that and 3 lbs water, so i wsa about 11 or 12 lbs at the end. i never thought about just doing it all night, i guess all youd need is a camelback and some energy bars and a jacket? i figure i could walk 24 hours straight, id do the night part first, oh yeah- youd need a headlamp too, and some crank.
  5. Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass PCT Record

    my knees were the problem, halfway through the second day under the kneecap it just started screaming, then from linmping the other started hurting, they still hurt now three days afterwords. i can barely push in the clutch!
  6. Snoqualmie Pass to Stevens Pass PCT Record

    well thats great so we know the record is less than 24 hours, what is it exactly, and when? how? how the hell do you run for 24 hours straight? jeeze, i damned near killed myself doing this in 48hours. whats the REAL PCT record, ive heard 83 days for ray greenlaw, and 66 days 7 hours supported by this professor from the eastocast ... how do they distinguish these records?
  7. im inbetween the sierra designs lightyear at 2lb 11oz and the mountain hardware waypoint one at 2lb 8oz ... my buddy has a hammock tent but it seems pretty uncomfortable and silly has anyone used these tents or know of a better one? or used one of thsoe lightweight backpackers tarps?
  8. How do you rockclimbers do it?

    i dont understand tis, how do you guys do what you do? how in the world can anyone go up those big long multipitch deal and not freak out and lock up. ive only gone once and it ws like 40 feet off the ground and easy and i was still terrifyed, i see the pictures of you gusy and it makes me just feel sick. how do you work your way up?
  9. Whos done the hike to Prusick Peak

    i saw this hike in this months backpacker, it looks like the coolest alpine lake in the world! prusick peak looks pretty darn cool too, can you climb it? i also saw this hike on the cover of an old washington state hiking book, and its carzy tothink people have been hiking up there since the 60's. how in the world. is it hard to do this hike in one day?
  10. uhh

    I love the Pacific Northwest, if my body left, my soul never budged. I wanted it so bad when I was here, to be there. I missed my friends, the whole little world of it. The Olympics and Cascades framing my worl into an understandable domain, the straight of jaun de fuca leading outward to further vistas- further as a possibility. I would sit in my little hot apartment in Hawaii on a crowded busy fellaheen street and dream of the Olympic national park, the untouchable nature just everywhere, taking you in and the rain and fog and storm of the coasts, never a lonelier or more wild space. The wild western Olympic peninsula, nothing but fallen in old houses, sad and torn and gone, sad little weedy roadsides, and crossroads markets- lonely state aprks and rainy wet cold metal guardrails alongside a suicide bleak highway in the rain of November, or the heat and foxglove dusty sweetness of june. Theres anywhere you can go, all you need is a car or a friend with a car, theres the city up there, the other city down there , the ocean over there the mountains practially ontop of you on either side, looming and casting great shadows over the Puget sound. Do you know what is between the east and west sides of the Olympic range? If you had ever seen it with your own eyes you would never doubt the wildness of Washington state.
  11. last summer i climbed mt rose, mt ellinor, and mt washington- are there any other good routes i can do without protection before the snow comes, was thinking the south brother- any ideas?
  12. Anybody camp out this WE?

    i camped out near point of the arches in neah bay- it was way cold. It was a pretty place i wanna go back and go through to ozette or la push
  13. man- i was up on ellinor today and decided to try for wsahington i had heard of people traversing it, but i hiked down a ways towards the shoot through the big boulderfield and up again across the scree to that big huge square rock and there were like 200 foot cliffs in each direction except the way i came. How do you traverse this and do you need ropes? im guessing you have to downclimb quite a long ways. are there any routes up washington from jefferson pass or something that dont require protection and dont have any sketchy exposure. ?
  14. Mt. Ellinor to Mt. Washington Traverse??

    hell yeah thanks man thats so cool of you to do. im going to hit it up in the next couple days before work, im going to be superrrrrrrr careful cause i have a feeling. i let you guys know- thanks again.
  15. Mt. Ellinor to Mt. Washington Traverse??

    A Peak. yeah, Mattp, if we are talking about the same thing it was the only possible way down that i could see, i hiked all along the little ridge that heads east off of ellinor, and towards the very end there was a little maybe 8 foot wide staircase going down trhrough the rocks, im not sure if it goes all the way and i doubt it but it may, id have to look up from the bottom. its right against the western wall of that big rock. i think its probably a goat path but something had been using it, i wasnt sure about it at all so i went back, but i would have to think you have to downclimb a long ways to get around that big rock and the cliffs around it to get into the huge scree field and travers over and up to mt wa. anyone know where i can get a route map for route 1a or anything?
  16. Im a 20 yr old guy out of gig harbor, i deliver pizzas so i have a lot of free time. wanted to do mt. washington/ brothers/constance and other olympic peaks this summer. not a lot of experience with ropes or anything and not looking to get into any hairy situations but im fit and like to climb fast. did ellinor today from the lower parking lot to the top in 1:30. anyhow- email me at wind_river51@yahoo.com if you wanna climb or call me at 253 678 7318 peace- dave
  17. Mt. Ellinor to Mt. Washington Traverse??

    by the way- i ws wondering if anyone who has done washington before with me would partner up to do it in the next week or so. im 20 and i dont have a lot of experience but i am really fit and have a lot of common sense. im not too comfortable with exposure. anyhow if anyone wants a partner to go up mt washington. or other routes ( south brother) post it here