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  1. Atomic Sugar Daddy

    This is officially the first time I've ever heard anyone say that K2 or Rossi skis are stiffer than Atomics.
  2. A gem from TGR

    Babe's cleveage was someone's avatar within about 10 minutes. Classic.
  3. Rainier this weekend?

    "The forecast last Sunday was almost identical" As was Saturday's, and it cleared up at about 2:30 p.m. Nearly every time I've bagged it because of 'mostly cloudy' forecasts I've then read tales of sun-drenched corn. Generally speaking, it isn't steep enough to glissade from Muir to Paradise. There are some sections where you can, but the only people I've seen make real progress doing so have had one of those thin plastic sleds that roll up or something like that.
  4. Camp Muir - first timer

    The snow on the snowfield will likely be 100% easier to hike than the undermined, rotting garbage on Granite this time o' year. If you go on a clear day, you can always bail before the hut and sit on the porch at the Inn waiting for the other two to stumble back.
  5. GPS: mapping vs. non-mapping, etc

    Have a Legend, it's good. FWIW the color screens are a helluva lot easier to read. If I was rich, I'd get one.
  6. altimeter watches

    I've been using the Nike for about 3 years and love it. I got the titanium version for like $125 at an outlet and have only 2 small complaints about it: Changing the battery is either mega complicated or time consuming if you ship it out. The link-style band on the titanium version confused the hell out of every jeweler that saw it when I was trying to get it sized. It's stupidly complicated. I wouldn't dream of trying to do it on my own. Once dialed in, it's bomber and one of my favorite pieces of gear. Been to the top of Adams, to Muir, etc. with no problems.
  7. Lightweight summer bag recommendations

    Check out the new Marmot Pounder- sorry for the REI link, it isn't on Marmot's site yet -(full zip, 1 pound, synthetic) and then let us know how you like it.
  8. Avalanche at Alpental

    Here's the update: SNOQUALMIE PASS, Wash. (AP) — A skier was rescued after getting caught in a small avalanche Wednesday, according to a television report. KING television in Seattle reported that a 28-year-old man was rescued from Alpental and airlifted to Harborview Medical Center in Seattle. There was no immediate word on his condition. The station said two skiers were in a closed area, when the avalanche struck around 12:30 p.m. One man dug himself out, then worked to dig out his friend, KING said. Both men were wearing avalanche beacons, which helped rescuers find them. A spokesman for The Summit at Snoqualmie, which includes Alpental and three other resorts east of Seattle, did not immediately return a call for additional details.
  9. Hey GaperJeffey: R:ex question

    Thanks. I'll probably get whatever is cheaper between the two (tm:x included).
  10. Hey GaperJeffey: R:ex question

    Havocs are in play because they (using the international standard bending-at-the-shop technique) feel a touch more forgiving and, though it isn't much of a difference, are lighter (by a measley 2 oz.) (173) than the r:ex (177) and fatter (88 vs. 84), FWIW.
  11. Hey GaperJeffey: R:ex question

    Thanks! That's a big help.
  12. I saw you've got a r:ex/Diamir rig in your quiver. How has this worked for you? I've got Denalis/FR in need of a ski. Me: 5'7", 150, decent skier (off-piste at resort/easy volcano skis in spring/summer, no hucks or warp speeding.) Can get new ones (177?) for about $350. Are the r:ex's mega stiff? I've fondeled them and they did feel quite stout, but was wondering how they ski. Also considering Havocs. Thanks. R:ex seems to be too few characters for the search function.
  13. NOAA Mountain Weather Forecast links down or?

    Post deleted because that link is screwed now, too.
  14. AT Setup - Havoc vs. Pocket Rocket

    Saw some Norbert Joos for $200 +/- at the Gart Sports off exit 124 or something close to that off I-5 just south of Tacoma on the way back from PDX last Sat. Also had some REAL cheap Volant Machetes >$200 that weighed a frigging ton. It was right before a big sale, so who knows what's left. Was looking for something fatter than the Joos, but way lighter than the Machetes, so I bought nothing.
  15. AT Setup - Havoc vs. Pocket Rocket

    Out of curiosity, what didn't you like about the Havocs?