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  1. Photo Caption Contest

  2. iraq or bust

  3. Abuse of the Badge

    exactly! I've seen published statistics that show the actual fireman and police organizations only get 5% to 15% of the money collected by the telemarketers.
  4. iraq or bust

    Post deleted by TurtleSoup
  5. Pabst is Back

    one of my alltime favs
  6. Epiphany on Iraq motivations

    did anyone else listen to Kevin Phillips on KUOW last night? http://www.kuow.org/defaultProgram.asp?ID=6590
  7. Epiphany on Iraq motivations

    Saddam was kind of like the family Rottweiler that suddenly turned on its master, Bush Sr. After extensive training on how to kill and maim outsiders, the Rott eventually got confused and attacked its handlers. It was up to Bush Jr to put him down so he wouldn't hurt anyone else in the family.
  8. Caption THIS!

    every morning curious george has me pat his tummy with my right hand while I hold his little monkey with my left. On wensdays and sundays he even lets me suck it.
  9. music you listen to

    are we talking about the same Howard Roark here? web page
  10. Caption Time 2

  11. Outside Magazine [Seattle] event: free food/drink!

    hows about this for formal attire?
  12. Colorado roomates?

    here we go.....looks like Bob stopped taking his meds again.
  13. Priceless

  14. Check out this goofy shit

    Hounded by Internet Chatroom Banshees A new Colorado resident named Dan - (certainly NOT to be confused with Dan - of speed climbing fame) has posted extensive paranoid schizophrenic writings on a website, traveled to the ends of the earth, and finally left his home in Partlond, Oregon in order to get away from what he calls “the voices in my computer” and “ the Banshees of internet chatrooms around the world”. Dan has harassed and threatened to sue just about everyone that he’s corresponded with over the last two years, including some of his own multiple personalities. He’s currently in sabbatical near Eagle, Colorado where he can “keep a close watch on the Kobe Bryant case”. - has stated that he suspects Bryant’s records are “false, unverifiable, and ridiculously exaggerated. His signature in the hotel register proves it all! When you compare it to his Martian passport and then compare his DNA to Canadian dairy cattle it’s obvious!” - expects to be called to the stand as an expert witness in the Bryant case. When asked if he knows some people think his claims are outlandish he replied “Who?!?! I’ll sue them! Those people know I’ll refute their claims on my website and in court! Who do they think they are? I’ll get them out of my computer and back into my dog where they belong!” For now, this reporter eagerly awaits the next time - refuses to take his medications so we can get an update on this story. Reporting from the Eagle Valley Psychological Compound, this is Turtle Soup
  15. Is Starbucks Good For You?

    Is Starbucks good for you? It is!