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  1. Overdue climber on Hood

    Yes sad day on Hood as I also climbed with Jered. Long live Jack Mt! We must learn folks. 3 falls in 3 days. Keep the poons and helment on and the axe in your hand. Be aware of fall lines into WR versus towards MH. Its tough out there right now. Be aware. Lets lift one to Jered!
  2. As a climber I am opposed to requiring a MLU/PLB. As a rescuer If we continue to get these highprofile missions during the winter months I would lean towards regulation. It would make SAR's job much easier, and may change the outcome in a positve manner.
  3. Accident near Eldorado

    Why so quick to jab a Portlander?
  4. [TR] Zapped on Tor-For Traverse

    Wayne, Scarry stuff man. How many lives do you have left?
  5. avalanche warning this weekend

    We do people not do a pre climb check of the weather and avy conditions before their climb? All the signs were there, with warnings posted. Luckily there were no serios injurys. Basecamp
  6. Does the mountain ever give up her dead?

    Has any one climbed the left chute of the N Face this year? That would be a high probability area in my book.
  7. Trip: Mt Hood - S Side Date: 7/15/2007 Trip Report: The route is pretty much done for the year. Every day brings more exposed rock and a increasing danger. Cancel your trip here and go to the N Cascades!
  8. Mt Logan

    Fremont Glacier via Thunder Creek.
  9. Mt Logan

    For those aspiring apinists, here is the N Face of Goode as of 7/03/07, from the summit of Logan.
  10. Cloud Cap road info?

    Road was open with cars at Cloudcap on 7/1.
  11. Monte Cristo Road

    Has anyone biked the road from the Mountain Loop Hwy into Monte Cristo this year? Looking for any beta on the condition of the road. I would like to bike it to approach East Wilmans Spire. Thanks.
  12. If you were on Stuart 7/16-17 Please reply

    Oh, and to specialed, your name says it all. Take a chill pill.
  13. If you were on Stuart 7/16-17 Please reply

    I would like to thank all those who provided useful information regarding this search. Iain was able to relay this information to me in the field which helps to narrow the search area. A special thanks to Mt High for starting this thread to dig up the information. A thank you is in order for Chelan County SAR, PMR, SMR, and TMR and all the mountain rescue folks for their willingness to come help. Thanks also to the Andrew and Armin for helping the girls out high on the mountain. Marty Johnson Portland Mountain Rescue
  14. Nice job Wayne and Josh! Sounds like things were much better going east to west. I saw you guys at Luna Col last after you bailed going the other direction. Glad to see you had the gumption to try it again.
  15. [TR] Sloan Peak- Corkscrew 7/13/2005

    My wild guess would say 2 hours