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  1. rondonee ski set-up

    For sale TUA Excaliburs(170cm) w/ Silveretta Easy Go Bindings and skins $350
  2. mark middle of rope

    I made a black mark on the middle of my rope with a black magic marker. That will not weaken the rope, will it?
  3. snow pickets

    Thanks for the replies guys. I am making something that rquires tubing and the size is determined by other factors. I thouht if the part could double as a picket, it would be a bonus. 5/8" ID with thick enough wall should be strong. THe small ID may limit the type of snow where it would work. I don't know.
  4. snow pickets

    I want to make some tubular snow pickets with an inside diameter of about 5/8". Can anybody tell me what wall thickness I should use? Should that be 6061 T6 aluminum?
  5. porter work

    Excuse me. I have heard of it, but the guy who told me knows nothing else.
  6. porter work

    I guess the answer is NO. No one has heard of this portering.
  7. porter work

    I heard that some people pay for help carrying loads to Camp Muir. Does anyone know about this?