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  1. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    We did go to Vancouver for the weekend, courtesy of Gerry O'Neil & AAA Carriages, as well as the Westin Bayshore Resort & Marina (and many others)! We had a lovely time and would return to Vancouver again. We were also reimbursed by the City of Squamish. The expenses totalled roughly $2500 USD. As far as I know, there have been 6 formal arrests and their cases have been sent to the Crown Council. That's all for now!
  2. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    This is definitely news to us! I can only hope it's true. We are planning on going to Vancouver, thanks to an offer by a carriage company and many others. It is true that the RCMP has not contacted us, although we did call them on Aug. 1st, as well as the Squamish Mayor. Neither of them have returned our calls, but hopefully we will hear more on Monday.
  3. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    2 girls were arrested (supposedly) for being drunk & stupid in public... they made the cops mad & wouldn't shut up. No one has been arrested (to my knowledge) for what happened to us. I do want to say that the mayor & the RCMP have recently told us that they are inquiring into the matter & have begun questioning several teens.
  4. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    There is more than one U.S. Attorney General. I am speaking of the Attorney General Jim McDevitt whom I spoke with earlier this week. Furthermore, some progress does seem to be taking place. Sst. Dougherty did call us this morning to apologize for what he said. He did not know that what he said was inaccurate. Also, the mayor of Squamish called today saying that we would be reimbursed & wants us to come up there again. He also said that he was pursuing the investigation & wants to see it through. Thanks for those of you who supported us. I just hope that when I talk with the mayor tomorrow, he & the RCMP will begin to patrol the areas more often to ensure that ALL travelers are safe.
  5. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    Dru, we weren't drunk, they were. Furthermore, this was assault, assault with a deadly weapon, and arson.
  6. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    Whoa there everyone! First of all, I'll repeat myself AGAIN... there were 30+ teenagers there. I've always said that. When the RCMP told another person how many were there, he "estimated" 40. Secondally, the comment the RCMP said on King5 was COMPLETELY INACCURATE & OUT OF CONTEXT. What Jeremy did say was, "I guess when you come to Canada you gotta' bring a gun." Jeremy was extremely HEATED at this time. The reason this was said, was because the 15 or so Canadians that were sitting there (directly after the incident) next to the RCMPs were told to head home. They were not held for questioning or anything further. So at that time, Jeremy made the comment previously stated. He NEVER said that he was going to bring a gun. Immediately after the King5 report, we did call the RCMP & told them that the statement was innacurate & inappropriate. Furthermore, WE DID NOT INSTIGATE ANYTHING AT ALL. The only comment that was made, was "Happy 4th of July." This was a nice comment in response to a couple of Canadian girls saying, "Happy Canada Day." Just after that, the girls replied, "Fuck you you fucking Americans", and so on. Those were the only words that we said to them, until the harrassment and violence against us began several hours later. I feel the comments about us starting the violence are slanderous! I am a teacher and I pride myself on teaching my students to solve their problems in non-violent ways. I do practice what I preach. I have never been in a fight, I have never instigated a fight, nor have I ever been around anyone who has. The 3 of us are not ignorant enough to "start" something with 30+ drunk teens. I was asleep for 1 hour before the rocks were even thrown at our tent. Jeremy and Jason were also getting ready for bed. As a matter of fact, Jeremy was even in his sleeping bag. We had no reason to say anything to that group of teens. Komo News interviewed us today. They are going to Squamish tomorrow to follow-up on some information & research. They have filmed our tent & sleeping bags. We do not have pictures of the car, but feel free to contact the Auto body company or the towing company to hear how bad the car was.
  7. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    Well, the latest is that the RCMP is saying we were "verbally bantering" the kids. Like that's something we would even consider when there are only 2 guys and 1 girl in our group & 30+ in their drunk group! We were there to climb & bike, not yell @ a bunch of kids. (I do have some insurance on my stuff, I don't know if it will cover it all. The other 2 guys don't have their gear covered, though.)
  8. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    It's not the American vs. Canadian thing that gets me. It's the fact that we were violently attacked, then left to fend for ourselves. There doesn't seem to be much of an investigation. The RCMP hasn't even contacted us with an update, to check up on us the next day, or anything. Cars are expensive to fix, hotels cost money (hence the camping in the first place), and we all know that tents & bags aren't usually too cheap as well. We're lucky that medical costs will be low, since no one was seriously injured. Should we have to pay for all that? I think not. According to the American Consolate, there are services provided for victims of crime (through the Canadian government), but the RCMP never told us that; although we asked. If getting this story on the news will generate some sort of "fire" under the RCMP to find the guilty party, then so be it. I'm not starting anything... those idiot kids "started" it when they beat my friend unconscious & destryoed our stuff & threatened our lives.
  9. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    It would've been nice to have that napalm on hand, but one guy was ganged on, while the other was being chased with a long knife, & I was on the phone w/ 911 for the 2nd time! (I appreciate the humor, though. It's been a bit hard for me to smile about this until now. )
  10. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    Okay, I wasn't meaning to start a war with Canada. I just wanted to do some climbin' & bikin'. I just hope that all this attention does help put things in "perspective" for those idiots that lynched us. I wish there would've been something around that we coulda' used to defend ourselves, but there wasn't. The car was locked & our bags were packed & ready to leave in the morning. There are so many things I think about, things I could've done differently and what not, but the fact remains that those hoodlums would've attacked us no matter what. They were drunk & looking to beat the crap out of anything or anyone around. Since it was "Canada Day", Americans were easy and "reasonable" targets for the little brats. I just want other climbers to be prepared & on their toes when in the same (or any other) area. Catch my drift? Shan
  11. Climbers jumped at Squamish!!!

    This is Shannon, again, & now I have my own access. If anyone has any info. regarding the attack on my friends & me, please let me know ASAP! I also wanted to let everyone know that I spoke w/ & faxed the U.S. Attorney General today. He is fully aware of what's going on. Furthermore, Jeremy & I are supposed to have an interview w/ KOMO TV tomorrow (wednesday). We feel that it is so important to inform everyone of what's happened. I don't want anyone to have to go through what we went through. It is a frightening & horrific experience. Please pass on to your friends & family to be careful when travelling in the Squamish area. I don't know if those individuals are looking to retaliate against more Americans or not. According to the American Consolate this is a direct violent attack against Americans travelling in that region. We are dealing with the situation and as I've previously mentioned, I will keep everyone posted. ~Shannon~