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  1. prior splitboards

    Thanks for the info. I have had my split decision for five or six seasons now and its pretty beat up so I am always thinking about which one I am going to get next. I was thinking about the Mtn gun but was afraid that it might be too stiff- interesting that they softened it up for this year. I would be psyched to get out with some fellow spltters so lets get something going once the snow starts falling.
  2. prior splitboards

    Slaphappy, how do you like your mtn gun? What size is it?
  3. Split Boards...

    I recommend the black diamond 3 section flick locks seen here: http://www.bdel.com/gear/fl_expedition.php
  4. Hangboard Mounting

    You should be able to locate the studs by tapping on the wall with your fist or a hammer- it will feel more solid and sound less hollow when you find a stud. Stud finders, especially the cheap kind, may not work well on certain walls such as plaster and lathe.
  5. Greatest rock band ever

    one more for the clash. London calling to the faraway towns Now war is declared, and battle come down London calling to the underworld Come out of the cupboard, you boys and girls London calling, now don't look to us Phoney Beatlemania has bitten the dust London calling, see we ain't got no swing 'Cept for the ring of that truncheon thing
  6. Index Favor

    "holiday in cambodia"- what do I win?
  7. "Yup telling someone they suck via the internet is always hard to pass up" I don’t believe I ever said that. "Well scoe, if you don't have a conversation, then nobody will learn. Anyway the thread was deleted as part of an international conspiracy against polish bob. You can blame dru for dredging this gem back up from that debacle. So it sounds like the guy with the mending ankle is partially to blame in your case. Maybe we can get a post from that party to bring this full circle?" Please, the party in front of us was perfectly fine and I hope, if they are reading this, they show better judgment than I did and stay away. Unfortunately, conversing through this medium is sometimes less than ideal for learning. I apologize to everyone involved if my original post came off as pretentious or otherwise. I was just trying to cast some light onto the situation.
  8. This is all pretty funny. During one of our extended waits on OS, I mentioned to the oringial poster that someone should start a thread about this on CC. We then talked about how the thread would play out and this is pretty much what we had envisioned. I was actually pretty psyched when I found out that the original thread got deleted so I could avoid getting sucked into the frey. Alas, I could not resist. As for passing, there were other factors at hand. I did not feel it was my place to tell the party in front of us what to do, especially since it was the leaders first long climb after recovering from a broken ankle.
  9. I was in the 2nd party behind fheimerd (not right behind) and I have to say that it was pretty ridiculous. While you guys may have had people in front of you, you never had to wait over an hour (it may have been close to two before the crux pitch) at multiple belays nor share it with four other parties (the fourth party bailed before the crux pitch). I just think you guys were in over your heads and the fact that you did not realize/nor acknowledge this was what upset me off the most. For me your pace would have been tolerable had I not known that you only started placing gear a month ago and that this was your second ever multi-pitch climb (you may want to keep that information to yourself the next time you have impatient climbers behind you). While I agree climbing is about challenging yourself I don’t think french freeing a route like outerspace, which occurred multiple times, is all that challenging. Also, don’t spend 30 minutes working on a piece when three parties have been nipping at your heals all day long. In your defense, I respect the fact that you did not get defensive when my partner had some “advice” for you and you seemed receptive to his opinion. Anyhow, no hard feelings.
  10. fuck you wanker- last post

    Thank goodness your post about the not so subtle differences between an onsite and a flash didn't get erased.
  11. Index routes

    "Timberjack (5.7) is on the formation above the GNS (forgot the name). It's a nice layback." Timberjack is on the winky dinky cliff and is 5.8. I thought it to be a little sandbag at 5.8 but i probably just need to work on the off-width technique.
  12. Found: Rope Bag at Castle Rock

    CB- I figured this would elicit some sort of response from you. Anyhow, I still owe ya a beer so with interest its probably more like a pitcher now. Or how about this: you go a whole week without making a post and I'll buy you a case!!!
  13. Describe distinguishing characteristics and its yours.
  14. Scarpa T-2 Size 9.5-10US $50

    i just sent you an email. I still want the boots. Do you want me to send you a check?
  15. Scarpa T-2 Size 9.5-10US $50

    I'll take em!!!!