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  1. I've updated the list, most of what remains is now negotiable, so make me an offer I can't refuse.
  2. Well, I think that I caught up with everybody...I'f there's anyone that I didn't get back to yet, drop me a line and I'll get on it.
  3. pm's replied to - I'm out the door in a moment, but back in a couple of days and will follow up w/everyone at that point. Located in Bozeman; buyer picks up shipping; PayPal prefered. -cheers
  4. hey all - I'm trying to clean the closet, so if you know anyone who's interested, here's a partial list of what's up for grabs. There's also a bunch of clothing, a handfull of runners, screamers and probably some other stuff that I'm forgetting... -cheers Boots Scarpa Alpha Ice Size 8 Good Condition – Liners like new $200 Tecnica Altitude Plus Size 9 Excellent Condition $125 Asolo AFS Super Soft Size 8 Excellent Condition $100 Asolo AFS Super Light Size 9 Fair Condition – good liners $75 Rock Shoes – with fresh resole and fit us size 8-9 Scarpa Inferno 39 $40 Five Ten Moccasym 8 $30 Harness Black Diamond Blizzard Large (fits 32-34 waist) – New this fall used very little, Excellent Condition $30 -SOLD- Ice Screws – all are in very good to excellent condition, with the Charlet Mosers being virtually new 11 available Black Diamond 10 & 22cm Charlet Moser 9, 12, 18cm $20 each Black Diamond Camalots – old-style U-body in good usable and safe condition $20-25 each #2 Metolious TCU 1.75” Outland TCU #.5 BD Camalot Jr. #.75 BD Camalot Jr. -SOLD- #1 BD Camalot -SOLD- #2 BD Camalot -SOLD- #3 BD Camalot -SOLD- Helmet Black Diamond Half Dome – Good, safe, usable condition, no knocks, light scratches $30 Leashes Yates Handcuffs – New, unused $10 each or $15 for the pair -SOLD-
  5. Camelots for Sale

    I've got some old school U-bodied ones up for grabs... 1 Metolious #2 tcu 1 Outland 1.75" tcu 2 BD .5 2 BD .75 2 BD 1 1 BD 2 1 BD 3 $200 takes all
  6. Bitterroots Questions

    what's with the whole grade IV in the lower 48 in the aaj thing anyhoo? seems out of place
  7. Bitterroots Questions

    hey jordop, how 'bout a photo so I know who not to give beta to when I happen across you? not that the likes of you could use any help route finding (or even selecting an objective for that matter) from any of us weak-kneed montanans, but just in case...
  8. -->hey lambone

    ne of the basin, above summit lake
  9. -->hey lambone

    hey, we'll see if I'm savvy enough to attach an image here...sept. w/jlee a few years ago; I just got a bunch of images scanned the other day. thought you'd dig it.
  10. Crater Lake Ice?

  11. Sweet Ice glove

    hmm, perhaps I'm too sublte...lambone's a good buddy of mine, I just wanted to flip some shit his way. I love the way glassgow decided to accost and ream on him for no reason other than to build a mighty pulpit that he could preach from. My comment on the picks was meant to shine a little light on this; it's vouge to blast through as many picks as you can in a season so that you can sport a badge on your sleave--"I'M GNARLY!! I WEAR OUT PICKS!!! I USE SUB-PAR GLOVES WHILE POSTURING ABOUT THE SPORT CRAGS!! gNARLY gNARL gNARLY..."
  12. Tecnica Boots, Yates Leashes, BD Helmet--cheap

    Altitude's are gone...
  13. Sweet Ice glove

    pahh! yer not swingin' hard enough princess! lol...grrr, gnar
  14. Cleaning the closet, round two. Tecnica Dunagiri GTX sz9 NIB $75 Tecnica Altitude sz9 New $100 Tecnica Altitude Plus sz9 excellent, like-new condition worn only a few times $150 2 Yates Handcuff leashes new $10 each Black Diamond Halfdome helmet light use, excellent condition $25 email me if interested, prices negotiable within reason dogbite1369@hotmail.com
  15. Black Diamond Bionic Crampons

    If they haven't sold, bring 'em with you when you come out--I may have a buyer for you.