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  1. favorite bumper stickers of all time?

    I filled out a job application once and towards the bottom was some blank space with instructions above it that said: "Please write down the text of each bumper sticker on your car."
  2. Bad Photo Contest

  3. Got MILF?

    I took a hiatus from the net so I could focus on school, graduate and plan my wedding. Now I'm moving to California
  4. Got MILF?

    OK, now which one of you is this? http://www.thesmokinggun.com/archive/0721041plate1.html
  5. you live in . . .

    You live in Vancouver when... 1. You can blame all your nasty farts on Camas 2. Your kid comes home from school one day and he can speak Russian
  6. photo caption. add one.

    I've been trying to dig this booger out all week.
  7. you provide the caption

    If I kiss you I will turn into a princess
  8. Prison Crowding Solution

    Do THESE Look Inverted to You, Trask?
  9. Prison Crowding Solution

    Well write our local law maker and tell him about it...
  10. Prison Crowding Solution

    No kill them. Addiction is a genetic defect. Missy~ What is your deal? You're addicted to the spray on this board - should we send a firing squad out for you? Spray is not illegal
  11. Prison Crowding Solution

    No kill them. Addiction is a genetic defect.
  12. Toilet Seat Etiquette

    Lab doesn't start until 12:30
  13. Toilet Seat Etiquette

    You piss and shit in a bidet?? Ewwwwwwwe! someday... The master bathroom will have a urinal, a toilet and a bidet... No more midnight splashes in the John
  14. Prison Crowding Solution

    ever stood in line at the dmv? or planned parenthood? a lot of people can barley manage the simple shit in life let alone obey the strictures of our society. you one fucked up dude 'msnormandy'. And that's why they should be removed from the gene pool right on! death to Walmart shoppers! Yah, I always find myself hoping Alqeda will discover walmart and take care of it for me.
  15. Prison Crowding Solution

    *raises hand*