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  1. Today is your last chance. If you don't write, then don't complain when they take camping and access away at places like the Creek, or even Darington.
  2. REMEMBER TO STEP UP! BY THIS WEDNESDAY (DEADLINE OF FRIDAY) EVERYONE SHOULD READ THE FOLLOWING DOCUMENT: http://www.accessfund.org/pdf/IndianCreekScopeProcess.pdf and write a short note. Just write down on a piece of paper what you care about, and send it to the address below. Indian Creek Recreation Plan. The BLM recently extended the “scoping” comment period until October 24 for the upcoming Indian Creek Corridor Recreation Plan because it received so few comments -- only about 30 total. More climbers park at the Supercrack parking lot in a single day during the climbing season than wrote to the BLM to comment on how the area should be managed. In fact the proposed ATV safari for the Monticello area received over five times as many comments as the Indian Creek Corridor Recreation Plan! This is the opportunity for climbers to make known how they feel about Indian Creek and tell the BLM what issues should be considered in the Plan. See the attached pdf for more information about where to write and the general outline of the planning process for Indian Creek. The new deadline for comments is October 24, so disregard the August 28 deadline noted in the BLM newsletter. Climbers are increasingly seen as indifferent funhogs that just want free camping without the hassles of agency management. However, hundreds of climbers flock to Indian Creek every weekend during the spring and fall and impacts are increasingly apparent. The BLM's Monticello Field Office is willing to listen to climbers but we have to speak up and get involved. Either way a plan will be written, your input is important! Issues at stake under the recreation plan include: · Camping fees · Camping restrictions (your favorite campsite could be closed or restricted) · Trail access · Climbing route closures to protect cultural and natural resources · Conflicts with other use groups · Human waste issues Send your comments to: Ralph Becker or Laura Hanson Bear West/BLM RE: Indian Creek Corridor Recreation Plan 145 South 400 East Salt Lake City, Utah 84111 Rbecker@bearwest.com or lhanson@bearwest.com Phone: 801.355.8816 Fax: 801.355.2090 Peace, James
  3. West Ridge of Forbidden in a Day?

    Thanks everybody. That is good news. Because there are three of us doing it. We plan to solo most of it, with the odd bit of rope work. Has anyone been in their yet this year. How soft, and at what time is the snow getting soft. Is the snow manditory (ie do you need boots) or can you get by in running shoes (I'm from the Sierra). Cheers JOhan
  4. Hello everyone, I was wondering if anyone has experience climbing the West Ridge of Forbidden in a day car to car. I would like to do this climb, but I am not sure how feasible it is. For a 5.8 leader how much of the route do you think is simul climbable also. Additionally, any beta on the route conditions would be appreciated. Cheers, Johan