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  1. Feathered Friends bag dilemma

    I have had my Feathered Friends bag for about 12 years now. Still super lofty softy. I would get the overfill, you can always unzip. The little extra weight/warmth is worth it when you are trying to sleep cold, wet, and hungry. My bag was 0 rated 12 years ago and still is.
  2. Marmot's new "900-fill" down ???

    I think I have been misquoted by a Mr.Erik. I shall see him in the Peoples Court.
  3. Cloudveil Icefloe $125

    What do you mean, would not a money order have be good to be cashed by my bank? How would I get an intermediary?
  4. Cloudveil Icefloe $125

    I have size XL Cloudveil Icefloe jacket for sale. It is the black with slate sleeve contrasts. It is the jacket from 2001, not the funky new style. It has the 2 large chest pockets, and the zippered shoulder pocket. I can send you picture via email if you like. I have worn it to class about about a half dozen times. I have one of the tags, the Schoeller tag. No PaYPal or other Ebay Crap. I don't know how to do credit card. A money order wil work nicely. I guess a personal check is OK if you don't mind waiting fo it to clear. I have new gear fish to fry, mainly some new light hikers/approach shoes. $125 including shipping. Thanks Chris
  5. Marmot's new "900-fill" down ???

    Feathered Friends or Death!
  6. Soft Shell Jackets

    No crags here, I can't even wear my Schoeller stuff to class 'cause nobody knows what it is. And chicks don't dig it if you ask them to feel your clothes (especially pants). I got an Ibex Icefall about three years ago. The stretch and water-resistance are excellent. The material is Ski-fans. It has a wool lining (soft) and is warm by itself down to the 40's. Most breathable jacket I have ever worn. It seems like there is a lot of extra sticthing on it (around cuffs and elbows) but have not had a frayed seam yet . Compresses down to nothing. I have worn it cycling (couple of falls, only pride hurt), skiing (midweight capilene top and jacket good to about 30 degrees), and chasing Fourteeners in Colorado. I don't take a hard shell in my daypack anymore. I like the sleeve closures, velcro and elastic, don't have to undo velcro every time putting on jacket. I bought a Cloudveil Serendipity (Schoeller Dryskin) on sale last year. XL runs a little large compared to the Ibex. The extra long sleeves works for you ice climbers but it just adds dry time for us peak baggers when sleeves get wet. Huge pockets carry a lot but can't warm your hands . Feels a little bulkier than the Ibex but not as warm. Water resistance not as good either. I ordered a pair of the Mammut Courmayeur pants from Climb High, can't wait. Has anyone tried a DWR spray for any of these jackets? I had to reDWR my Patagonia Direct X after about 6 mos. use. And yes, I am probably that fat guy you see rubbing all the gear.