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  1. hey i'm putting a wall up in the back 40, does anyone have any holds they are trying to unload?
  2. WARNING..Nevermind..North Bend

    i was just wondering about that choss pile myself. i was up running that nasty area and DUDE! that's no little chunkage. there is a whole new bouldering area. (kinda) was anyone there when it happened?
  3. gonealpine

    aright... lesson learned.... next time i have a bout 3 hours to play with the site i'll make a few more notes...
  4. gonealpine

    hi chris, yah i'm here, kinda. want me to take your shots off too? and don't worry ... credit goes to those who credit is due, i could care less about it, i just want a pict. i give all you guys more credit than need be anyway - you have the balls to get up into some of those nasty spots in the first place, the only difference is... i want to keep living... but like i said! ITS NOT DONE! so ......... whatever
  5. gonealpine

    WOW! how the hell did you guys get the url for this anyway, the site isn't even done. nice to know you jackass' are so quick to be a critic so of course the site looks like shit, sheesh. pictures, sure some are from here, most of which are my own, and i have permission to use most of the others, hell if you want credit for them, copy right it, these freaking pictures are everywhere, never mind the fact that you aren't the only ones that go to these places. the site is designed for two purposes, those who are new to the climbing world, and I also work with terminal patients in over coming fears, so climbing and living vicariously through others has been a positive environment for many of them. anyway... i've been climbing with alot of you freaks for awhile now, i just haven't been on the site as krazy 1 for sometime - give me a little credit. let the slaughtering continue i guess.......