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  1. Yoo-gene pub club?!

    Typical Eugene potsmokers, can't even pick a freakin' time! Never been to Max's myself. Going seems to be somewhat akin to trying to shove people in a VW Bug!
  2. Looking to join group to climb Rainier

    "when you were learning." Like we ever stop...
  3. S. Sister S. side conditions?

    I'd have to respectfully disagree with timmy, bring snowshoes. I was up last weekend, and (1) it was fucking hot, and (2) I definitely used snowshoes on the way back. There's not really a worn boot trail, but there's enough tracks to make your way efficiently through the woods up to the plateau. From the plateau on, it's effortless navigating. I'd suggest starting as early as possible, especially if the day is going to be hot. If you go, give me an update on conditions, as I plan on hiking SS again this weekend or next.
  4. strap on crampons

    My Grivel G-12's fit my size 13 Koflachs, but just barely.
  5. South Sister - Green Lakes

    According to some other recent threads under Oregon Cascades here, there is parking at the Devil's Lake TH and not really viable parking at Green Lake yet. I reckon by the 14th, much much snow will have disappeared by then, though, with our minor heat wave. I'm trekking in via the Devil's Lake TH tomorrow and will post what I learn. You don't happen to be the troop that camped out on the summit last summer who offered me hot cocoa or coffee would you?
  6. TR: Premature Plabfestulation A Chosscades Weekend

    Great, thanks. I assume snowshoes are still in order? From timmy's cam shot the snow looks pretty melted on most of the approach but still looks a bit narsty on the gain.
  7. TR: Premature Plabfestulation A Chosscades Weekend

    timmy, Is there a (relatively safe) place to park near the Devil's Lake Trailhead right now? I'm thinking about snowshoeing to South Sister on Friday. The Ranger's page evidently hasn't been updated in a week or two, the bastards. thanks
  8. TR: Premature Plabfestulation A Chosscades Weekend

    Was there a place to park at the DL TH?
  9. south sister this weekend

    Wish I could go, but I've got plans. I've been itching to go out on south sister for a while now. Do let me know the conditions out there when you got back. I'm going to drive out from Eugene sometime in the next couple weeks and find a place to ditch my car, and pack it up.