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  1. Leavenworth Ski Tavern

    Yes I do remember the buckets-o-beer and peanuts. Maybe about 1975? I also remember having to duck incoming peanuts from other tables.
  2. ELF

    According to friends in the area not one of the 'Street of Dreams' houses were able to sell. Second or third tier real estate offices were now attempting to sell the units as the original tier one offices couldn't make any sales. My first thought was fraud when I heard about this.
  3. Napa Wine touring Adivce?

    Anything with Rutherford dust. Joseph Heitz. Calistoga for the High Colonic.
  4. Klipsch Forte II

  5. 1976

    Ahead of its time??? Piss on guitars tonight its Mulligan!
  6. Is this the Worst fucking article?

    Did someone say polka? http://www.247polkaheaven.com
  7. Gonzo get grilled....

    something like 74 times he couldn't remember or didn't know? I think we'd be better off with someone who did know what he was doing. It was a sad display.
  8. Zappa

    Mental Toss Flycoon! moving to Montana soon? good one.
  9. Zappa

    Might have to open up the vinyl vault this weekend and see what I still have.
  10. Zappa

    King Kong! 39 years later and I still can't get it out of my mind
  11. Yakima Canyon Resort

    I've been claiming this for many years now. That film single handedly destroyed many of my favorite haunts. Saddens me to count the $ I've invested in fly gear that now sits idle. I used to fish rivers in BC where I would see a guide once every two years. Before I quit fishing BC nearly every local had bought a raft and become a guide. Then they'd get pissed when I beat them and their dudes to the launches. Way it goes I guess always something else out there to try.
  12. The beauty of it all

  13. Speculum Speculation thread

    Back to the original concept. Might be a great marketing idea for my wife's clinic. Anyone running with this?
  14. Nice climbing guys?

    Thanks I could remember Bill's name but couldn't recall the other asses name. Was going to ruin my morning..
  15. The Ancient Ones

    20th Ave Bridge Rope Swing Class '71