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  1. Mt. Erie - Thursday 2/10

    I live out in whatcom county and would be interested in meeting up with you guys tomorrow. I don't have a partner for the day, but if you don't mind me tagging along I wouldn't mind getting out and enjoying the weather... You can email me at clarksimpson@hotmail.com
  2. Misty Fjiords Punchbowl Face

    I used to work there as a kayak ranger and hiked/scrambled up the backside; on the far left of your first picture... Nice views from the top, and lots of mtn goats, but the other people that worked there said somebody did the face.
  3. Misty Fjiords Punchbowl Face

    Does anybody know if anybody has climbed this face and when? It is about 3000 feet straight out of the ocean and almost always wet, but I heard somebody climbed it a few years ago.
  4. Collest PNW town.............

    Here is an example of what Hamsters do for fun: Hey!!! Zuanich park is named after some nice bham locals... but if you really want to live it up head out to Everson
  5. [TR] Liberty Bell- Beckey Route 11/19/2004

    Say Hi to Willow from Clark!
  6. Solo Aid Self Belay Device

    Thanks for the advice. I was thinking about buying a wren solo aid since I won't be using it for free climbing and don't own a GriGri... The Silent partner looks nice, but $$$$ NOLSe, I might just take you up on that offer to try out your solo aid. I won't be in the Northwest until the beginning of November, but I'll PM you once I get closer to coming back.
  7. I'm thinking about trying some solo aid and was wondering if anybody had recommendations for a self belay device.
  8. Climbing around Cordova?

    I'm working in cordova until November. Anybody know of any climbing around here? I know you can play around on the Childs glacier, but was interested in something more alpine. Also, when does the valdez ice usually start to form?