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  1. An exciting, no-experience-required Via Ferrate ( fixed mountaineering route) in the Canadian Rockies. Heli-Hiking and mountaineering guests at the Bobbie Burns Lodge fly by helicopter


    Just wait until THIS catches on south of the border!


    Should be exciting!

  2. I'm gonna get hammered for this, but here goes:


    I wouldn't be overly suprised if sport routes were sabotaged with acid or something.


    I remember hearing a story about how someone had deliberately rigged a death sport route up there years ago.


    Apparently, they cut the heads off some bolts and epoxied them to hangers, then epoxied the whole set-up onto a possible line. The person reporting thought the route looked a little hinky, so pull-tested the first hanger and it popped. He then cleaned the whole affair, reporting that even the anchors were glued onto the wall.


    Scary stuff.




    Edit: Not to mention the Todd Skinner route sabotage. Just sayin'

  3. Your carilege is not regenerated the way it used to.From 35-45, males lose about 50% of their cartilege regeneration. We shrink. We feel all the bumps and ridges from old wounds. We have to try not to wine.

    Vitamin B, C, and D, plus a little E every week.

    REGULAR stretching.

    Speaking of regular, outmeal with fresh ground flax seed and fruit every morning.

    Warm up before every workout.


    Don't expect to lope alongside the pups in the pack.

    They have something to prove more often than not.

    You should have already proven it.



    Sweet! So, at 47 that's all ended, right? :)... :crosseye::brew: ::skull::

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